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May 2015

May Chat log

Session Start: Sun May 17 13:04:34 2015
Session Ident: #starbase118

@Liam_Frost: You mean Hanibal isn't lava-proof? 
Sal_Taybrim: Congrats, Quinn! 
Skyfire: Oh. kaji: welcome back to the land of the living. 
Antero_Flynn: Not sure 
Rune: congrats Quinn :) 
kaji: quinn: mine's almost one! 
Theo_Whittaker: How are you finding Columbia Antero_Flynn and Mirra 
Hannibal: HE doesn't really want to test the theory just yet..... 
Brell2334: we didn't want to test it out and be wrong 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Thanks. all :D 
Anora: haha, why not test it? 
@Liam_Frost: I assumed he could just glare the lava into changing directions 
@RAdmiral_Toni: no not yet... we are 600 million years in the past 
Antero_Flynn: I wondered if anything RL was going on with livingston, considering his IC status 
Jalana_Akeelah: Thank you, Steve :D 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: regarding the Doyle's unwanted guest - you're doing it wrong :P You punch her, help her up then punch her again just to make a point that it's not her place to start barking orders after revealing herself when she's led everybody to believe she's a terrorist 
Sal_Taybrim: The Columbia is awesome! (Though I might be biased >.> ) 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Are... are there dinosaurs? 
Anora: 600 million years? what the heck did you do? 
Brell2334: Jurassic Til'ahn hates us too 
Mirra: So far so good on the Columbia! Hopefully getting the hang of it 
Aidoann_Danara: ROTFL 
@Renos: :D lol Leo 
@RAdmiral_Toni: yes Dnosaurs 
Aidoann_Danara: Aidoann didn't punch her the CMO did 
Sal_Taybrim: Wait, does the Doyle have an unwanted intel guest? 
Rich: Bring one back! 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: Kaji - congrats on the 1 year old. Mine are 3 years old and 5 months old 
Karaag: Columbia is awesome!!!! 100% agree 
Hannibal: There are dinosaurs....but so fr, the planet iswinning.... 
Theo_Whittaker: It's part of Brek's application to be a commander I think Antero_Flynn I think :D 
Antero_Flynn: Yeah the Columbia seems like a very cool ship. Everyone is great 
Quinn: Gorn! 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Excellent. 
@Liam_Frost: giant gorn! 
Hannibal: Hannibal plans to skin one.... 
Antero_Flynn: Ah ok cool. 
Sal_Taybrim: Oooh, Brek's leading a mission... I'm totally reading teh archives for that one >.> :D 
Anora: Dinosaurs! So you got rid of Nugra and replaced him with his people? 
kaji: how many gorns do we have in the fleet now? 
Theo_Whittaker: I have to say that I absolutely *love* the Columbia :D 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: Sal it should be a good one. Back to Avronis 
Karaag: A ferengi XO I love it 
@RAdmiral_Toni: making shoes again, Hannibal? 
Antero_Flynn: Pardon the newbie questoin, but how are you guys tagging people? lol 
Sal_Taybrim: Two Gorn I think - Nugra and Tatash 
Quinn: Anyone else notice the fleet quiz link in the newsletter was the same as last time? 
Hannibal: Shoes, boots, minidresses for the wife.... 
Sal_Taybrim: OH! I so wanted to write the back to Avronis mission ::cries a little:: 
I freakin' loved my MSNPC for that one 
Anora: I haven't read it yet Quinn 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: Antero_Flynn, Ibelieve you just type out their full screen name 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: a new phaser rifle for yourself not on the list Hannibal? 
→ Trel`lis has joined 
Aidoann_Danara: oh heck yes the Doyle does she's held us hostage on 285 then well turns our she was and undercover Intel officer who let the terrorists get away now we have to go hunt them down 
Sal_Taybrim: I'll have to take solace in getting the Albion in as much trouble as possible while Leo tried to keep her together. 
Jalana_Akeelah: hi Trel`lis 
Antero_Flynn: Thanks Cmdr_Karynn_Brice 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: Sal_Taybrim - yeah Iwish you were here 
Rich: Hi Dusty! 
Brell2334: Having a blast underwater on the Darwin too, though Lyldra's got her Diplomat face on now, and is still bummed she didn't get to ditch the EV suit for a proper swim 
Quinn: (Shrugs) 
Theo_Whittaker: I was looking forward to a nice relaxing mission after the last one, but no.... its going to just as stressful I think :D 
Karaag: So the first Avronis mission was pretty eventful 
@LeoHP: Hehehe, I bet you will Sal 
Ren_Rennyn: This chat's too fast to keep up with! It's wonderful, and I love it! 
@RAdmiral_Toni: Emma, what did you have? boy or girl? 
@LeoHP: Hi Dusty 
Hannibal: Oh that's automatic...although right now he would really like his plasma cannon, which is on the Thunder at the moment.... 
kaji: 7 foot lizards do make a lot of material 
@Liam_Frost: People get relaxing missions? 
Trel`lis: Hello 
Antero_Flynn: I dont think I have ever been on a nice relaxing mission Theo_Whittaker lol 
Sal_Taybrim: Heya Trel'lis! 
@Liam_Frost: I can shenanigans 
Skyfire: Taybrim: don't break it before I memorize where the duct tape is. 
Theo_Whittaker: Heya Trel'lis 
Hannibal: What's a relaxing mission? 
@RAdmiral_Toni: Hi Anora 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Little boy. James -- although we call him Jim/Jimmy. 
Hannibal: Anora!!!!!!! 
→ Roel has joined 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: Ren_Rennyn - I'm having trouble too, espcially since I'm on a mobile device 
Sal_Taybrim: It's a busy chat Ren! Did I see you are on the Darwin now? 
Brell2334: One where little goes boom 
Theo_Whittaker: Congrats Quinn :D 
Mirra: I know I am a new kid and all but I am pretty sure we don't get relaxing missions 
Roel: Good evening all :) 
Hannibal: Congrats Quinn!!!! 
@RAdmiral_Toni: Aw that's nice. Congratulations 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: i'm ordering the crew of the Gemini to Risa for a month, they can't possibly damage the ship or get in to trouble there... 
Anora: lol hey Toni 
Skyfire: Mirra: hi! 
Hannibal: A good Cubancigar and whisket to you! 
Anora: Ahhhhs congrats Quinn! 
Antero_Flynn: ooo i want to come to risa 
Mirra: Hi Skyfire! 
Rune: Hey Roel! 
Antero_Flynn: I know some people there ;) 
Hannibal: Hello Mirra!!!!! 
Sal_Taybrim: I call a Risa mission! 
@Quinn_Reynolds: :D 
Jalana_Akeelah: hey Roel :) 
Sal_Taybrim: Sal buys drinks for everyone! 
Theo_Whittaker: Captain's Holiday and Let He Who Is Without Sin says different..... 
Brell2334: Great so risa will be closed for repairs soon 
Theo_Whittaker: :D :D :D 
Aidoann_Danara: what relaxing missions? I can't really think of any for Aidoann :) 
Rune: Rune needs a vacation 
@RAdmiral_Toni: Admiral you are very quiet today 
Quinn: You're talking to the other Quinn, right? 
Sal_Taybrim: Awww, poor Rune :( 
→ Iniko has joined 
Theo_Whittaker: what's a vacation lol. 
Mirra: Iniko!!!! 
Antero_Flynn: It would be really interesting for Antero to go to Risa, and probablly embarrassing (he is Risian) lol 
Aidoann_Danara: yeah not many vacations either Rune 
@FltAdmlWolf: Toni been busy, Toni! :D 
Brell2334: Welcome Iniko 
Rich: I think all counselors should have hot tubs as standard in their quarters 
Iniko: Hi :-) 
Antero_Flynn: Hi Iniko !! 
Aidoann_Danara: they've all been interrupted in one way or another lol 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: OK, who broke Chanserv 
RAdmiral_Toni: aint that the truth, Admiral 
Theo_Whittaker: Hi Iniko 
Mirra: How is it going Iniko? 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: Rich - I like that idea 
RAdmiral_Toni: lol 
Brell2334: ooo that sounds like a good idea rich 
Rune: hmmmm I'll put in a request with Engineering 
Rich: If it's good enough for Troi :) 
Anora: He was busy demoting you and Quinn,Toni 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: I totally want one 
Skyfire: Hello, iniko! 
Hannibal: Hot tubs? Hannibal wants Counselors stripped of all furniture..... 
Rune: I just haven't even seen my quarters yet 
Sal_Taybrim: What other vacation spots could we crash in the Federation? Grilling on Vulcan? 
Snowboarding on Andor... 
Rune: I may not have any 
Rich: haha Rune 
Quinn: Only here can the topic switch from giant dinosaurs to hot tubs with the blink of an eye. 
Rich: I know the feeling 
Brell2334: Beach day on Bolarus 
Hannibal: There is some thee.... 
@Liam_Frost: the Intel office on the Gemini ios remarkably well appointed 
Sal_Taybrim: yes! 
Theo_Whittaker: Argelius II looks.... pleasant. 
Anora: Haha of course Hannibal's go to would be Orion 
Skyfire: o/~ and we're banned from menthar everyone... 
@Liam_Frost: it has a snooker table 
Brell2334: Seedy comes to mind when one pictures a Orion brothel 
Quinn: I still haven't gotten that drink Weston promised. 
@LeoHP: Love snooker 
@Liam_Frost: sorry 
Hannibal: Of course!! Hannibal likes Orion..... 
@Liam_Frost: billiard table 
RAdmiral_Toni: busier that a cat covering it 
Brell2334: Or very clean one of the two 
Antero_Flynn: So how long have diplomacy, Intel, and marine been positions in the fleet? 
* LtCmdr_Richards_LOA likes the Gemini's inteligence office - it's.. homely... 
Quinn: I really should be working on a sim. 
Roel: So far.. not a big fan of the intelligence teams on my ship.... *gives Nugra an angry grim* 
Rich: Also if anyone is finding the silence of such a lively chat odd, some ambient noise: 
@Sal_Taybrim: I think Intel's been about the longest. Marines goes ship by ship and diplomatic seems reasonable new, within the last few years 
Theo_Whittaker: I've been trying all day Quinn. Damn writer's block 
Karaag: @Quinn I was thinking the same thing 
* LtCmdr_Richards_LOA sings 
Anora: lol rich, just what we needed 
Quinn: No, strike that- I really should be doing homework, but hey. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Roel: Oh yeah, I'm totally done with Intel on Apollo. 
Rune: lol Rich 
Antero_Flynn: ok, thanks Sal_Taybrim 
Anora: Homework, what is this foreign word? 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: And I said bounce a graviton particle beam, off the main deflector dish.. 
Roel: lol you know there is a teacher in the chat right.... ;) 
Hannibal: No homework...sim frst.... 
Rich: You can adjust the sliders and make it sound more TNGish 
Jalana_Akeelah: Sal_Taybrim I loved your reaction to the SFI drill guys btw :) 
Quinn: Priorities. Gotta love 'em. 
Brell2334: Back in a few dog had been waiting for a walk since I got up and is now employing hyper cuteness to beg me to take her out 
Karaag: LOL yeah I think my school assignments were released today 
Antero_Flynn: Jalana_Akeelah Great job with the character portraits 
Roel: yeah i know... i should be preparing my classes for tmorrow... 
Skyfire: Flynn: did you figure out how to incorporate your user nav into your sidebar for Flynn's page? 
Quinn: You're a teacher? 
Roel: yep 
Jalana_Akeelah: Thank you Antero :) 
ⓘ Jalana_Akeelah is now known as Jalana 
@Sal_Taybrim: Foster's about ready to tell the SFIer to stuff it where the sun don't shine and toss his badge in for good measure. Hopefully someone else will post something first... >.> 
Roel: I teach history at highschool. Students between 11 and 19 
Quinn: Cool! (Pause) Help me cheat on the next test? :) 
Antero_Flynn: not yet Skyfire,i will need to do that soon 
Theo_Whittaker: I wouldn't mind serving with Ryan Kwanten hahaha 
@Sal_Taybrim: Roel: taking classes or teaching them? 
Roel: sure, but since i focus on European history i'm not sure i can help... 
teaching them 
Rune: aww not all Intel is bad 
Quinn: I'll take what I can get. :) 
Skyfire: Flynn, let me know if you need help 
Antero_Flynn: I am curious as to where you get your source files, unless its top secret Jalana :) 
Rich: The trick to dealing with intel is bribing them with cookies 
Jalana: Rune: Nope.. just the dudes I'm playing... 5 miles run in the desert for Andorians, Paelians and everything else LOL 
Roel: hehe well if you ever need help on the 80years war (Dutch Independence) you give me a call :) 
Antero_Flynn: Thanks Skyfire ! 
Rune: LOL Jalana 
@Sal_Taybrim: Rune: I like the intel on your ship :D 
Roel: Tnanks for the advise Rich. I'll make some 
Quinn: I might just. Thanks! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Actually Sal likes the intel on Ops, too 
Rune: I do too ;) 
Jalana: Antero_Flynn no secret at all. I get them from all over the net lol We also have a broad uniform DB on the image team wiki pages 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Where are my cookies then, Rich? 
Rich: Hehehehehe 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: I've served with Intel that Iloved and some NPC intel characters that Iloved to hate 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: no, the trick to dealing with intel is to ascertain whether they have a nice room and don't pull a confidential card out every time something happens :P 
* Anora hands Quinn cookies 
Skyfire: mmm...cookies 
Roel: i transffered two days ago (Ic time) and i already got send to "the office" with those intell guys... 
Rich: Now I'm wondering if Quinn would accept something Rahman baked for her... 
I see her eyeing the tray suspeciously 
Anora: lol 
Rich: or suspiciously rather 
Rune: lol 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Hahaha. 
Skyfire: Rich: trap. 
Rich: I know :( 
Rahman: I'm trying to be nice! 
Reynolds: We're not friends! 
Rahman: :( 
Rahman: ::nibbles on cookie:: 
Mirra: AFK for a moment, tiny humans require sustenance 
Rich: Reynolds: ::secretly eats cookie after Rahman leaves:: 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Rahman Cookies -- Baked with extra apologies. 
Anora: Followed by "Sickbay, medical emergency!" 
Theo_Whittaker: awww tiny humans *squeeeee* 
@Sal_Taybrim: So many tiny humans! 
Hannibal: Feed the small being, Mirra..... 
Trel`lis: I'm tiny 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: More tiny humans ! Yay Mirra 
Quinn: And I thought I was needy. 
Rune: I have 3 if anyone wants to borrow them 
Antero_Flynn: two of them. Mirra is actually my wife :) 
→ Zinna has joined 
Skyfire: Skyfire: =/\= Don't tell me. The cookies were tainted. 
Rich: Quinn_Reynolds, more like transformers! "more than meets the eye!" 
@Nugra: Another husband and wife team? YES! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Zinna 
@Quinn_Reynolds: xD 
Karaag: So...... The fleet takes part in a Summer Mission? 
* Nugra and Kaji are one too. 
Anora: Hey Zinna! 
Theo_Whittaker: Oh wow!!! :D 
Zinna: HI! 
@LeoHP: Hi Zinna 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: My hubby is on LOA from the group at the moment, but he's the one who got me writing  
Theo_Whittaker: Will there be patters of the feet of tiny beings aboard Columbia then :D 
@Sal_Taybrim: Karaag: The fleet is currently working on a Fleet Wide Plot Arc (FWPA) 
@Nugra: @Karaag, it used to. It is now using a year plot called the Fleet Wide Plot Arc. :) 
@Nugra: Beat me to it, Sal. :P 
* Anora doesn't feel so alone standing on the Atlantis side of the room anymore 
Rich: then we have the people who met through 118 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm psychic ;-) 
Antero_Flynn: Random knowledge Theo_Whittaker, your avatar was in my city a couple days ago :) 
@Nugra: :P 
Quinn: Anyone aboard the Gemini. Please, for the love of all... NO Children!! 
Karaag: nice 
Anora: lol quinn 
Rune: there's a wife wife team too 
Theo_Whittaker: Consider me jealous Antero_Flynn im a bit in love :D 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: LHP + Velanna springs to mind as an example of met through the fleet :) 
@Liam_Frost: too late 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: :( Why no children? 
@Liam_Frost: Yann has a wee one already 
@LeoHP: Indeedy ;) 
@Liam_Frost: and Kali has two 
Rich: Did you guys mention how you two met at the wedding, LeoHP? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Karaag: The FWPA has three phases and we just started phase two, with the launching point being SB118 Ops as they take the Excelsior class USS Albion into a dangerous area of space known as the Jenatris cloud looking for the source of dangerous subspace anomalies. 
@Nugra: @Karaag, 
Antero_Flynn: Yeah he was born right near us here in Cincinnati. Its an 'across the river' situtation. 
@Liam_Frost: and Es-Aleh 
Skyfire: Taybrim: don't be surprised if you get another letter from Skyfire asking for more help. 
@Liam_Frost:we're already infested with hatchlings 
→ kaji___ has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: Skyfire: That's all good :D 
Antero_Flynn: I have a DJ buddy and he said he was hanging out all night at one of his gigs 
@LeoHP: We did, and Kristen (Velana) walked down the aisle to First Contact theme 
Theo_Whittaker: sounds exciting @Sal_Taybrim 
Quinn: I don't like them. Most of them whine a great deal. And if anyone has seen TNG< you know how many dangers in space there are. Anyone of them could die. 
Theo_Whittaker: The First Contact theme is so beautiful 
Karaag: brb going to read up a little 
@Sal_Taybrim: (Except the Albion doesn;t know about the anomalies yet... Other ships encountered them though!) 
Quinn: Just kidding. Mostly. 
Anora: Anyone on the Albion, feel free to talk to us on the Atlantis - we've had to deal with both that annoying Cloud and the anomalies (as mentioned in Mitchell and Dickens' JP) 
@Sal_Taybrim: We think we're tracking an ion storm. 
@LeoHP: Thanks 
@Sal_Taybrim: Anora: I read Mitchell's JP - that was awesome :D 
Anora: Anora will be glad to answer any questions, if you need her to 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: LeoHP - that's awesome. I walked down the aisle to the Blue Skies/Next Gen theme from Nemesis 
Vie: Hum. 
Anora: Yeah, they did a good job 
Rich: That's awesome LeoHP! 
Theo_Whittaker: In fact im going to listen to it now LeoHP :D 
@LeoHP: @ Karynn - great! :) 
* Anora runs and tackles the fluffy vie! 
@LeoHP: :) 
Quinn: Well, folks, if I don't get that sim out soon, I never will. May be time to bug out. 
LtCmdr_Richards_LOA: Update: Prometheus station is no more :o 
More on news @ 11! 
Vie: Heh, Hey Anora. 
Theo_Whittaker: dont keep us suspense Richards! 
Rune: I know the feeling 
@RAdmiral_Toni: Sorry guys, I need to cut out a while, but I will try to be back before the chat ends... If not, see ya next month. 
Brell2334: whew hope you are happy dog! ::Looks at dog happily wagging tail.:: Good. 
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice: Bye Toni 
Vie: Catch you later then Toni 
Quinn: Bye all! 
Theo_Whittaker: see you soon Toni :D 
@LeoHP: see ya Toni 
Hannibal: Take care Toni..... 
@FltAdmlWolf: Bye Toni! :) 
← RAdmiral_Toni has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Zinna: Bye Toni 
Anora: Bye Toni!
�01[13:27] <Anora> And quinn!
[13:27] <@LeoHP> bye Emma
[13:27] <@Sal_Taybrim> Bye guys!
[13:27] <kaji___> bye!
[13:27] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Which quinn is quitting?
�14[13:27] * Quinn ( has left #starbase118
[13:28] <Vie> That one apparently.
[13:28] <Rich> haha
[13:28] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Lol
[13:28] <Rich> There can be only one at one time
[13:28] <@LeoHP> Ooops, wrong Quinn I said goodbye to
[13:28] <Vie> "There can be only ONE!"
�01[13:28] <Anora> There is more than one quinn?
[13:28] <Theo_Whittaker> this town aint big enough for the two of them
[13:28] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Cue Highlander theme.
[13:28] <Rich> ...ever notice how only one Quinn talks at a time...
[13:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> The mighty quinn...
�03[13:28] * Raissa_Moonsong ( has joined #starbase118
�03[13:28] * Guest_2235 ( has joined #starbase118
[13:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Moonsong!
[13:28] <LtCmdr_Richards_LOA> ooh look - a nexus ribbon.. its so shiny.. I just want to touch it... what could possibly go wrong if i diver the Gemini into it..
[13:29] <Raissa_Moonsong> hi ho
[13:29] <Theo_Whittaker> Hi Raissa_Moonsong
[13:29] <Rich> Rahman: ::suspicious glance at Quinn:: ...and where'd the rest of the cookies go?
[13:29] <Skyfire> Moonsong!
[13:29] <Karaag> Wow it is so detailed but to the point. There is a lot of work that goes into this and I'm thankful to be apart of it
[13:29] <@Sal_Taybrim> So which ship headed out to prometheus stations?
[13:29] <Rich> Hi mandy
[13:29] <Raissa_Moonsong> Hope everyone is doing well.
[13:29] <Rune> apparently not ours Sal
[13:29] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hi Mandy!
[13:29] <LtCmdr_Richards_LOA> Gemini Sal
[13:29] <@LeoHP> Hi Mandy
[13:29] <Karaag> Also get my Star Trek fix with nothing new except books
�01[13:29] <Anora> We blew up Outpost Bravo in the Piktar system, but we didn't actually make it to Prometheus
[13:30] <Theo_Whittaker> I'm reading The Crimson Shadow atm Karaag :D
[13:30] <Rich> Ive noticed a lot of ships suddenly disappearing in the last few ship reports to subspace anomalies
[13:30] <LtCmdr_Richards_LOA> And whatever the station was doing, it's gone now, long gone
[13:30] <@Jalana> hi Raissa :) 
[13:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> We need a map with all these destroyed stations!
[13:30] <Hannibal> Blowing things up is good......
[13:30] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> We dealt with an AI on Outpost Alpha in the Piktar system
�02[13:30] * Guest_2235 ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:30] <Raissa_Moonsong> Jalana, my favorite person at the moment!
[13:30] <@Jalana> lol 
�01[13:30] <Anora> I just finished the ones after that Theo, they take a weird but interesting turn
[13:30] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> And starfleet has a lot of 'splainin to do
[13:30] <Hannibal> RAISSA!!!!!!!!
�02[13:30] * @Jalana ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[13:30] <Theo_Whittaker> It was rather in the end wasn't it Karynn?
[13:31] <Theo_Whittaker> *tragic in the end even
[13:31] <Raissa_Moonsong> Hannibal, my favorite person at the other moment.
[13:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> Karynn: It's our job to find an explanation...
�03[13:31] * Jalana ( has joined #starbase118
[13:31] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Yes, Theo_Whittaker, definitely tragic
[13:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> (dun dun dunnn!)
[13:31] <Jalana> the joy.. 
[13:31] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Oh, are you guys working on that?
[13:31] <LtCmdr_Richards_LOA> Rich .. that background sci-fi sound.. so hypnotic
[13:31] <Hannibal> God to see you....
[13:32] <@Liam_Frost> brb
[13:32] <Rune> I have no idea what I'm doing
[13:32] <Raissa_Moonsong> Yes, I am a god. How did you know?
[13:32] <Rich> hehe be sure to try out the different presets
�03[13:32] * Jalana is now known as Guest36912
[13:32] <Guest36912> how are you doing Raissa? 
[13:32] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> In chat or in general or in SIM, Rune?
[13:32] <Rich> there's some other neat ones they have
[13:32] <Rune> in sim
[13:32] <Theo_Whittaker> are you new rune?
[13:32] <Rune> I'm very old
[13:32] <Rune> ancient
�03[13:33] * Guest36912 is now known as Jalana
[13:33] <Theo_Whittaker> so you are not a tiny human? XD
[13:33] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> LOL
[13:33] <Antero_Flynn> lol
[13:33] <Rune> I wish
[13:33] <Trel`lis> How long do these chats go, usually?
[13:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Rune's been unlucky in getting moved off of ships
[13:33] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> As long as there are people, Trel'lis
[13:33] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Rune - what duty post are you?
[13:33] <Rune> I'm the unwanted red headed stepchild
[13:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Trel'is: anywhere from 1.5-4 hours.  Usually around 1.5-2 for most people, some people hang out for a long time, some just drop in and chat for  a half hour or so
�01[13:34] <Anora> You are not unwanted Rune!
[13:34] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Awww, I'm sure you're wanted Rune
[13:34] <Aidoann_Danara> Rune you are not unwanted
[13:34] <Trel`lis> Oh. I actually need to leave, as I have a lot to do, elsewhere, online.
�03[13:34] * Aaron ( has joined #starbase118
[13:34] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Have fun Trel'lis
[13:34] <Aaron> RAdmiral_Toni you need to complete your services registration (check your e-mail)
�02[13:34] * @Quinn_Reynolds ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[13:34] <Rune> Counselor.. I love the position. I'm just tossed in the middle of things right now
[13:34] <Trel`lis> Thanks
[13:34] <Aaron> same for you Jalana
[13:34] <Rich> Bye Trel'lis!
[13:34] <Theo_Whittaker> and then there were no quinns
�14[13:34] * Trel`lis ( has left #starbase118
[13:34] <@LeoHP> Bye Dusty
�01[13:34] <Anora> And trust me I know your pain... For a bit, I was convinced I was the curse decomissioning ships. Left the Embassy for the Avandar, and then she closed, moved to the discovery and a month later, her too...
�06[13:34] * LtCmdr_Richards_LOA presses the big red button
[13:35] <Raissa_Moonsong> On being a counselor..... ::headdesk:: My crew has made me crazy.
[13:35] <Vie> This can't end well
[13:35] <Aidoann_Danara> yeah this mission is very much that way for many of us
[13:35] <Jalana> Aaron thank you, done :) 
[13:35] <Skyfire> Moonsong: I havve not....
[13:35] <Rune> That's how I feel Anora
[13:35] <Aaron> No problem
[13:35] <Rich> oh, Mandy you didn't get the memo
�14[13:35] * Aaron ( has left #starbase118 (part (v.): to be or become separated from something else�)
[13:35] <Rich> all counselors are getting hot tubs installed in their quarters by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers
[13:35] <Rune> your crew is crazy Moonsong
[13:35] <Rich> (literally)
[13:35] <Theo_Whittaker> I'm going to busy that day Rich :D
[13:35] <Raissa_Moonsong> tell me about it, Rune
[13:35] <kaji___> Yes! hot tubs
[13:35] <Aidoann_Danara> Aidoann probably needs to see a Counselor we just haven't had time to write it, yet at the same time it could be interesting if she ever gets that  chance
[13:35] <Vie> Counseling sessions are to be held in hot tubs now?
[13:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::hugs Rune::  You're a great counselor.
[13:35] <Raissa_Moonsong> And I'm mad at Rich.
[13:36] <Skyfire> Rune: Chythar's lost his mind at least once since the last time he talked to you.
[13:36] <Brell2334> Enjoying my secondary character as a counselor so far
[13:36] <Rich> Mandy makes toons to stay sane
[13:36] <Raissa_Moonsong> Skyfire still rocks.
[13:36] <@LeoHP> Im up for that
[13:36] <@LeoHP> hot tubs
�06[13:36] * LtCmdr_Richards_LOA is out, peace all
[13:36] <Raissa_Moonsong> BTW Kat, I think we're overdue on a Jp
[13:36] <@FltAdmlWolf> Star Trek: Hot tub
[13:36] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ops needs a counselor!
[13:36] <Rune> thanks Sal!
[13:36] <Brell2334> A lot of great writing, challenging sometimes but fun
[13:36] <Skyfire> Yay, I rock. :: Grabs some bread rolls. :: Moonsong, we are? Which one?
[13:36] <Hannibal> Be back in a bit everyone.....
[13:36] <Theo_Whittaker> cya in a bit Hannibal
[13:36] <Rune> So many crazies so few shrinks
�02[13:36] * LtCmdr_Richards_LOA ( Quit (Quit: - time flys, I have things to do, plans to make, prblems to solve and issues to deal with�)
[13:36] <@LeoHP> see ya
[13:37] <@LeoHP> bye Rob
�01[13:37] <Anora> Tell me about it
�03[13:37] * Guest87397 ( has joined #starbase118
[13:37] <Brell2334> yeah
[13:37] <kaji___> Problem is some of the shrinks are crazy
[13:37] <Rich> haha
�01[13:37] <Anora> I believe Anora is still traumatized by seeing the Avandar pretend to be a giant puppy...
[13:37] <Rune> I can't help it
[13:37] <kaji___> not me of course
[13:37] <Brell2334> no wonder many move on to other posts
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> What to do when the counselor is crazier than the crew...??
[13:37] <Brell2334> too much crazy coming at them
[13:37] <Skyfire> Taybrim: Time to find a new counselor.
[13:37] <Theo_Whittaker> panic sal
[13:37] <Rune> they haven't figured out I am yet Sal
[13:37] <Rich> time to hit the bar!
[13:37] <@Liam_Frost> and we're back
[13:37] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Rune - if Icould figure out how to open a separate chat, we could talk about it.  I've played a counselor most of my time in the fleet.  I'm sure Icould probably help ;-)
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Rune: very sneaky!
[13:37] <Theo_Whittaker> WB!
[13:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> Theo: But you have an awesome counselor!
[13:38] <@FltAdmlWolf> Okay everyone, gonig to see Pitch Perfect 2. See you all later. Have fun!
�02[13:38] * @FltAdmlWolf ( Quit (Quit: Disconnecting.�)
�01[13:38] <Anora> Enjoy Wolf!
�02[13:38] * Hannibal ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:38] <Theo_Whittaker> I do indeed Sal :D
[13:38] <Brell2334> have fun wold
[13:38] <Brell2334> wolf*
[13:38] <Antero_Flynn> So who here wants to IM me advice on playing a Helm officer? :)
[13:38] <Rich> to open a separate chat Cmdr_Karynn_Brice, just click on the person's name on the right and click message
[13:38] <Jalana> Cmdr_Karynn_Brice try right click the name and see if there is a whisper or query option 
[13:38] <Theo_Whittaker> *shameless brown nosing of Karynn*
�01[13:38] <Anora> Karynn, right click on Rune's username in the chat list
�01[13:39] <Anora> Or double click on her if you are using most IRC clients (like mIRC)
[13:39] <Rich> Antero_Flynn : advice is don't crash the ship
[13:39] <Aidoann_Danara> Antero you can also check the main forums
[13:39] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> It was a little trickeir since I'm using a client but I finially figured it out
[13:39] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> PV apparently in this
[13:39] <Jalana> woot 
[13:39] <Aidoann_Danara> and yes sage advice don't crash the ship :)
[13:39] <Brell2334> lol
[13:39] <Rich> unless your captain orders you too
[13:39] <Raissa_Moonsong> afk listening to a special mp3
[13:39] <Theo_Whittaker> My advice for helm officers is: for goodness sake don't let Deanna Troi near the console!!!
[13:39] <Rich> Troi gets a pass on that last one
[13:39] <Karaag> We should have a station were medical/science are the main crew stationed. Like just an experimental place but ran by the scientist and medical officers. Maybe throw in a Command crew. Just an idea...
[13:40] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> LOL Theo
[13:40] <Aidoann_Danara> lol
[13:40] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> I would love that Karaag
[13:40] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> It's actually been kicked around a few times
[13:40] <Rich> You know what I just realized...
[13:40] <Rune> I've been in charge of the bridge 3 or 4 times and have yet to scratch the paint
[13:40] <@Renos> gtg get dinner. Catch you guys later. Enjoy the rest of the chat
[13:40] <Theo_Whittaker> She took the helm of the E-D and it crashed. She took the helm of the E-E and she crashed that
�01[13:40] <Anora> Karaag, you still need the engineers to fix everything you scientists break though :P
[13:40] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> I might float it if Iever get my own command...
[13:40] <Karaag> of course
[13:40] <Rich> they should have totally had Picard do the picard maneuver at the end of nemesis
[13:40] <Rich> instead of just crash the ship
[13:40] <Rich> like do both and crash the ship
[13:40] <Karaag> lol
[13:40] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Problem is we aren't often with an overabyndance of people who want to SIM science
[13:41] <Antero_Flynn> But crashing ships is so cinematic....
[13:41] <Mirra> Ok back
[13:41] <Rich> do both!
[13:41] <Theo_Whittaker> That would mean they would have to follow cannon Rich..... Stuart Baird wouldn't have such a thing #theshade
�02[13:41] * @Renos ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:41] <Rich> hahaha
[13:41] <Rich> true
�03[13:41] * Guest87397 is now known as Quinn_Reynolds
[13:41] <Theo_Whittaker> How are the tiny humans Mirra
[13:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> That is a problem.  I got stuckin science for 80% of Sal's career for the simple reason of 'we need a science officer'
[13:41] <Rich> Let's get a car chase/dune buggy chase into a star trek movie!
�03[13:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Quinn_Reynolds
�01[13:41] <Anora> I've come to enjoy SIMming science, even though Anora started out as an engineer and has now been stuck there for many years
[13:41] <Karaag> True but that would be the point of the station
[13:41] <Mirra> Sufficiently fed :)
�01[13:41] <Anora> Now I'm just lost as a mission specialist lol
[13:41] <Antero_Flynn> I almost signed up for science...but then i didnt lol
[13:41] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Sal_Taybrim - that was part of the reason Karynn has been in science as often as she has too
[13:41] <Rich> Mission Specialist is basically expert
[13:42] <Theo_Whittaker> I'm always attracted to simming engineers, but I'm rubbish at the technobabble. Thank god for Memory Alpha
[13:42] <Brell2334> I ened up as HCO for that reason, we needed one
[13:42] <Antero_Flynn> has to be right for the character, but my old character ended up in science and it made for some cool sim opportunities
[13:42] <@Sal_Taybrim> Which would be OK, but over half the characters I have ever played over the 15+ years of simming I have done ended up in science... and I only made ONE science officer!
[13:42] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> I <3 Memory Alpha
�01[13:42] <Anora> Yeah Rich, except when you appear in the middle of a mission and are lost :P
[13:42] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> And the DTLI
[13:42] <Brell2334> I intended Brell to be Sci when I brought him back
[13:42] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Er... DITL?
[13:42] <Rune> story of my life Anora lol
[13:42] <Brell2334> used to be engineer
[13:42] <Theo_Whittaker> I forgot about DITL!
[13:42] <Rich> shhh, Anora that's just you simming your character "thinking  really hard". it comes across very realistic
�01[13:42] <Anora> Daystrom Institution of Technology
[13:42] <Mirra> I signed up for Medical and am posted in science, hopefully I can pull that off :)
[13:43] <Karaag> I joined as a vulcan science officer (Tyvak) but for creative reasons I change to Karaag a Klingon Ops officer
[13:43] <@Liam_Frost> BTW, anyone who is interested should join us in our TeamSpeak channel
[13:43] <Rich> when someone tags you
[13:43] <@Liam_Frost> find out what we all sound like in real life
[13:43] <Rich> trick is to stroke your chin and say..."I see..."
�01[13:43] <Anora> Karynn ->
[13:43] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Yeah, Iknow what it is, Ijust couldn't remember which order the letters went
[13:43] <Rich> I prefer myself
[13:43] <Raissa_Moonsong> okay, back.
[13:43] <Rich>
�01[13:43] <Anora> Ohhh ok then lol
[13:43] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Iwas saying Iliked it but then put the letters in the wrong order
[13:44] <Theo_Whittaker> A bit like me confusing the Brice's the other day
�01[13:44] <Anora> I totally read them as correct haha
[13:44] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Yea I use ex-astris a lot too for technobabbly stuff
[13:44] <Theo_Whittaker> the shame
[13:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> Sal was a counselor with a civilian computer science degree.  So he went counselor -> science -> diplomacy -> command.  I just need ops and intel for an every-color uniform collection
[13:44] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Haha... that was funny.  THough next time Theo I'll just answer the tags ;-)
[13:44] <Rich> also
[13:44] <@Liam_Frost> and marines
[13:44] <Brell2334> and marine green sal
[13:44] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> You got  1 warning
[13:44] <Rich> if anyone is into the tech side of things, we're slowly trying to build our own starship database
[13:44] <Theo_Whittaker> :D
[13:44] <Rich>
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> ah yes, I forgot green!
[13:45] <Antero_Flynn> My last character actually had Medical as his third choice, but i ran with it and cant imagine him as anything else now
[13:45] <Rich> Feel free to help out on the engineering forums (dont have to be an engineer)
[13:45] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Ooo cool
[13:45] <@LeoHP> I can send you to the marines, Sal ;)
[13:45] <@Liam_Frost> I mostly when back and forth between red and gold
[13:45] <@Liam_Frost> with a stint in black
[13:45] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Quinn was almost science, then I changed my mind and asked for engineering.
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> Leo: Nooooooo!
[13:45] <@LeoHP> :p
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::gasps!::
[13:45] <Theo_Whittaker> Black? Is that Intel?
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> yep
[13:45] <@Liam_Frost> indeed
[13:45] <Rich> what made you go for engineering Quinn?
[13:45] <Skyfire> Leo: Don't do that! You'll need a new FO at that point.
[13:46] <@LeoHP> Muwahahaha
[13:46] <Rune> my engineer is only good for taking flying leaps over rails... and bad life choices
[13:46] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Iasked for science out of the academy but got Counseling, fell in love, had have been working to keep it or go back to it ever since
[13:46] <Rich> awww
[13:46] <Aidoann_Danara> as Aidoann is my only character so far her only dept has been Intel
[13:46] <Rich> she helps bring out the fatherly instinct though in her fellow engineers!
[13:46] <Skyfire> Rune: I haven't found Cadfael's specialty yet.
[13:46] <Theo_Whittaker> my engineer is overly concerned most people are taller than him :D
[13:46] <@LeoHP> My first ever counselling session was with Karynn
[13:46] <Aidoann_Danara> but she's had some interesting adventures there so far
[13:46] <@LeoHP> many moooons ago
[13:46] <Rune> true dat Rich :)
[13:46] <Rich> ha, Theo_Whittaker, he should meet Rahman
[13:46] <Raissa_Moonsong> A lesson I learned was that if I stayed medical/counseling it was rare they stuck me in the center seat.
[13:47] <Raissa_Moonsong> brb
[13:47] <@LeoHP> Oh congrats to Rich on his 5th anniversary in Fleet
�14[13:47] * kaji___ (~kaji@72.23.xp.ts) has left #starbase118
[13:47] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I think it was a) Geordie4evah and b) I liked the idea of her being hands-on with her job
[13:47] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Theo_Whittaker, I'm pretty sure Karynn is NOT taller than him
[13:47] <Rune> hahaha that could change Moonsong
[13:47] <Rich> I decided since the other two engineers on the Mercury at the time were giants, I'd make her short
[13:47] <Karaag> I was thinking about being an engineer, but Klingon engineer........ It's been done. Thanks Voyager!!!! haha
[13:47] <Antero_Flynn> How tall is Theo?
[13:47] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Theo_Whittaker - has someone tagged you yet?  If not, I'll do so today or tomorrow
[13:47] <Rich> Thanks LeoHP!
[13:47] <Rune> short can be good
[13:47] <Theo_Whittaker> In Sim? Not as yet :)
[13:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> I find it funny seeing which characters are very tall, and which ones are very short
[13:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> The medical/counseling department of the Apollo is ridiculously short...
[13:48] <Antero_Flynn> I thought about bumping into you also Theo_Whittaker
[13:48] <Theo_Whittaker> Ooooh Karynn is shorter than Theo! :)
[13:48] <Roel> as we like it... :p
[13:48] <Roel> no nuts on the apollo
[13:48] <Antero_Flynn> Figured I would give the good doc a chance to reply before i sim again
[13:48] <Jalana> Roel: you sure about that? lol 
[13:48] <Rune> lol
[13:48] <Rune> Roel you're there
[13:48] <Antero_Flynn> I have a mental checklist of everyone on the Columbia I have not met yet
[13:48] <Karaag> Theo I might have some tags for you later tonight. I haven't really sat down a wrote out my sim yet.
[13:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> I think Danzia's 5'-0"
[13:48] <Theo_Whittaker> I came close to tagging you Antero_Flynn, but I couldn't think of a realistic way.
[13:48] <Roel> uhm.. I am... but the other 5 people in my mind arent..
[13:49] <Rune> lol
[13:49] <Rich> The nice thing about being a short engineer: plenty of room to move about in the jefferies tubes
[13:49] <@Quinn_Reynolds> YES.
�01[13:49] <Anora> lol Rich
[13:49] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Antero_Flynn, you can always move on and backsim the stuff with the doc
�03[13:49] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) has joined #starbase118
[13:49] <Theo_Whittaker> Indeed :)
�01[13:49] <Anora> That's why Nog was so good at it
[13:49] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Especially since she's gone for the weekend
[13:49] <Theo_Whittaker> WB Mirra
[13:49] <Antero_Flynn> well after feel free to tag me Theo_whittaker , after sickbay all i have to do is check out my helm terminal. Not sure how eventful that sim will be lol
[13:49] <Jalana> Jalana is 5'5 ... so Danzia will be about the only one smaller than her LOL 
[13:49] <@Sal_Taybrim> short engineers rock  ::sagenod::
[13:49] <Mirra_Ezo> Not sure what happened there
[13:49] <Antero_Flynn> Good point Cmdr_Karynn_Brice
[13:49] <@Sal_Taybrim> Jalana: Foster's 5'4"
[13:50] <Theo_Whittaker> I'm working on a JP with Beyett later on tonight as well :)
[13:50] <Roel> Nog would be in my top 3 of people i wanted to be the ST universe
�02[13:50] * Mirra (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:50] <Theo_Whittaker> That can always be backsimmed :)
[13:50] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Theo_Whittaker, if Itag, you is it ok if Ihave them meet in the ship's lounge?
[13:50] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I remember Quinn getting affronted that the Triumphant's CTO had recruited her for a job... simply because she was dinky and could fit more easily in the torpedo tubes than he could.
[13:50] <Jalana> yay another one smaller! it will be fun to have to look up to her crew all the time once she gets the CO position haha 
[13:50] <Rich> haha
[13:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> and I think Dial's also 5'5"
[13:50] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Haha Quinn_Reynolds
[13:50] <Theo_Whittaker> That would be great Karynn. I've been meaning to put Theo there at some point :)
[13:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> mini medical team
[13:50] <Jalana> yeppers 
[13:50] <Rich> See! We totally could have put Quinn in the maintenance shaft with Core and Tuk
[13:50] <@Quinn_Reynolds> She was all "but I'm a good engineer!" and he was "yeah, yeah, whatever, get in the tubes."
[13:51] <Theo_Whittaker> Now I've got Theo settled in, I want to start relaxing him around people :)
[13:51] <Rich> XD
[13:51] <Antero_Flynn> I always liked to imagine my old CO  doing engineering, he was a Brikar
[13:51] <Rich> oh man
[13:51] <Jalana> Sal_Taybrim, it's harder to hit us too.. so that's works for me ;)
[13:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> I think Hael's only 5'6"
[13:51] <Antero_Flynn> Well if anyone wants tto have a good time off duty, thats Flynn's specialty :)
[13:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> USS Apollo: shortest crew in the fleet??
[13:51] <Rune> Rune is 5'6"
[13:52] <Jalana> I'm kinda glad that Tal Tel-ar is not on the Apollo any more... he is like double their size lol 
[13:52] <Rich> well and then there's james the 7 foot Vulcan
[13:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> That makes a good question of which ship has the tallest crew in the fleet??
[13:52] <Jalana> have to stand half a meter away from him so she would not fall over by looking up 
�02[13:52] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:52] <Brell2334> I think T'mihn is the smallest embassy crew person
[13:52] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Sal_Taybrim - are you looking at mean or median hights
[13:52] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Or modes
[13:53] <Karaag> Hey everyone great chatting with all of you. GO COLUMBIA!!! haha j/k Theo_Whittaker I will get some tags to you tonight
[13:53] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Bye Karaag
[13:53] <Antero_Flynn> Nice to meet you Karaag!!
[13:53] <Rich> We should do a CO pageant contest
[13:53] <@LeoHP> Bye
[13:53] <Raissa_Moonsong> Skyfire is one of the shorter pcs on Garuda. Rich made a chart.
[13:53] <Theo_Whittaker> Thanks Karaag see you soon!
[13:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> Good seeing you Karaang!
[13:53] <Antero_Flynn> thanks for humoring me in my last sim
[13:53] <Jalana> bye Karaag :) 
[13:53] <Brell2334> yep T'mihn is 5' even
[13:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> Karynn: Hmmm, good question.
�02[13:53] * Karaag ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:53] <Theo_Whittaker> Oh Livingston would win that hands down? Joseph Gordon Levitt? :D
[13:53] <Aidoann_Danara> ok time for me to head off to take car of other things
[13:54] <Theo_Whittaker> bye danara
[13:54] <Jalana> bye Aidoann :) 
�02[13:54] * Aidoann_Danara ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:54] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I always have a hard time imagining Skyfire as short, because I think his actor is monstrously tall?
�03[13:54] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) has joined #starbase118
[13:54] <Rich> He's not that short Skyfire
[13:54] <Jalana> lol yeah I thougth the same Quinn 
[13:54] <Rich> at least 85% Saveron
[13:54] <Skyfire> Quinn: I lost track. There wasn't a measure of Skyfire units on the chart, and I'm not staring at it right now
[13:55] <Theo_Whittaker> did every ship in the fleet take part in Phase I of the fleet wide mission? (I fear I just answered my own question)
[13:55] <@Sal_Taybrim> character height conversion?  1 saveron = 1.35 Skyfires = 2 Moonsongs = .5 James?
[13:55] <Rich> actually he's the same height as Quinn
[13:55] <Rich>
[13:55] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Lol
[13:55] <Raissa_Moonsong> The only ones shorter than Skyfire is Rahman and Reynolds.... according to Rich's Crew facts.
[13:55] <Antero_Flynn> A fleet wide mission? That sounds like it would be crazy
[13:55] <Jalana> Theo_Whittaker: nope.. Apollo for example did not participate so far 
[13:55] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Someone made a height chart once for one of the ships Iwas on
[13:55] <Theo_Whittaker> That was our last mission Antero_Flynn
[13:55] <Theo_Whittaker> and my first
[13:55] <Rich> Independence!
[13:56] <Rich> Where Tan was the shortest
[13:56] <Antero_Flynn> sounds intense Theo_Whittaker
[13:56] <Rich> dude was Tiny!
[13:56] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Ah yes
[13:56] <Theo_Whittaker> Oh it really was. I loved it.
[13:56] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Ithink not as tiny as Iam in real life though
�01[13:56] <Anora> Theo, you can go to the wiki to see what missions were part of it so far:
[13:56] <Raissa_Moonsong> and of course brown hair rules!
[13:56] <Mirra_Ezo> That is super intense
[13:56] <Theo_Whittaker> Theo is 5"7' and I'm 6"4'
�03[13:56] * Sundassa ( has joined #starbase118
�03[13:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Sundassa
[13:57] <@LeoHP> LeoHP is 6'1", whereas I am only 6'
[13:57] <Rich> haha
[13:57] <Rune> Excalibur had just finished Prometheus when we got decomm'd
[13:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Sundassa!
[13:57] <@LeoHP> Hi Sundassa
[13:57] <Jalana> Akeelah is 5'10, Jalana is 5'5 and I am 6'3 lol 
[13:57] <Rich> meanwhile Eyas walks around very carefully so as not to step on people
[13:57] <Jalana> hi Sun :) 
�03[13:57] * Eerie ( has joined #starbase118
[13:57] <Jalana> hi Eerie 
[13:57] <Theo_Whittaker> hi sun
[13:57] <Rich> WHOA! Nice, Jess!
[13:57] <Rune> Eerie!!!!!!!!
[13:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> Sal is 5'6", Wyn is 5'4", I am 5'4"
[13:57] <@LeoHP> hehe, Eyas was 6'7"
[13:57] <Theo_Whittaker> Hi Eerie
[13:57] <@Sundassa> hey
[13:57] <@LeoHP> Hi Eerie
[13:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> I admit, I'm fond of short
[13:57] <Rune> hi Sundassa
[13:57] <Antero_Flynn> Flynn is 5'11 and I am....5'11
[13:57] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> I'm 4'6" in real life
[13:58] <Skyfire> Leo: we still havent' done a meeting between Cumar and Wulfantine. Should I assume it happened off-camera?
[13:58] <Eerie> hello everyone wife just took a nap. :)
[13:58] <Rich> Jalana do you get asked a lot to get stuff from the top shelf for others?
[13:58] <Antero_Flynn> I guess i was feeling creative with height
[13:58] <Raissa_Moonsong> I am 5'6". So is Raissa. Please don't make me convert to metric.
[13:58] <@LeoHP> sure, but can do JP
[13:58] <Jalana> Rich: hellzyeah LOL 
[13:58] <Theo_Whittaker> When I was coming up with Theo's character, I couldn't see him as tall at all
[13:58] <@Sal_Taybrim> yeah, every once in a while characters seem 'tall' in my mind
[13:58] <Skyfire> Leo: we should do that sometime.
[13:58] <Eerie> 6'1" in real life
[13:58] <@LeoHP> :)
[13:59] <@Quinn_Reynolds> 1.67m ish, I think?
[13:59] <Antero_Flynn> back in a few, need to hit the replicator
[13:59] <Theo_Whittaker> and I always seem to give my characters issues with their parents, whereas I don't.
[13:59] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Ok.... sounds like dinner time here.  And/or time to feed the tiny human
[13:59] <Brell2334> Brell is 5'8 in real life i'm 6'
[13:59] <Cmdr_Karynn_Brice> Gtg
�03[13:59] * Sabina ( has joined #starbase118
[13:59] <Jalana> hi Sabina :) 
[13:59] <Antero_Flynn> nope, feeding this big human
[13:59] <Theo_Whittaker> bye karynn and flynn!
[13:59] <@Sal_Taybrim> Peace Karynn!  Hello Sabina!
[13:59] <Eerie> hello Sabrina
[13:59] <Rich> bye Elisa!
[13:59] <@LeoHP> Bye
�02[13:59] * Cmdr_Karynn_Brice (~Karynn@2602:306:ccae:tsiw:gyls:yilj:mzks:lswr) Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( )�)
[13:59] <Brell2334> And hey eerie
[13:59] <@Sal_Taybrim> Bye Flynn!  Good to see you!
[13:59] <Eerie> hello there
[13:59] <Rune> Hi Sabina
[14:00] <Antero_Flynn> Thanks, ill be back. Quick skillet job ;)
[14:00] <Brell2334> and Sabina
[14:00] <Sabina> Hey fleeters! :)
[14:00] <@Sundassa> I'm 5'8"
[14:00] <Theo_Whittaker> Hi sabina :_
[14:00] <Theo_Whittaker> :) even
�02[14:00] * Antero_Flynn (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:00] <Theo_Whittaker> i cannot type at all today
[14:00] <@Sundassa> sometimes I feel short, sometimes I feel tall... depends on who I am with
[14:00] <@Liam_Frost> man, there is a dangerous amount of blood in my caffeine stream
[14:00] <Jalana> lol
[14:00] <Rune> my counterpart is 5'8" ... I am not
[14:00] <Brell2334> lol
[14:00] <Mirra_Ezo> lol
[14:00] <Skyfire> :: gets Frosty a coffee? ::
[14:01] <@Sundassa> no... more like get a coffee from frosty
[14:01] <Mirra_Ezo> Caffeine IV run out?
[14:01] <@Sundassa> least that's the way it sounded to me, like there's too much
[14:01] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mmm, caffiene
[14:01] <Theo_Whittaker> i love coffee. i blame janeway
[14:02] <Raissa_Moonsong> And my spouse is watching Big Bang Theory on demand.
[14:02] <Eerie> Eerie is 6'4" thankfully I only weigh in at 200 pounds
[14:02] <Mirra_Ezo> Love coffee, can't have too much or I turn into a cracked out squirrel
[14:02] <@LeoHP> Nia's man mountain
[14:02] <Eerie> :)
[14:02] <Raissa_Moonsong> Love coffee. I blame my mother.
[14:02] <Skyfire> Leo: I can't wait to have another Skyfire/Calderan conversation. I can almost see it:
[14:02] <Rune> lol Eerie... and it's all... uhm rock
[14:02] <@Liam_Frost> coffee is great
[14:03] <Eerie> love coffee too. Blame college
[14:03] <Skyfire> Skyfire: Lose any good dresses recently?
[14:03] <Brell2334> I blame the coffee itself so being so dammed good
[14:03] <@Liam_Frost> but i fear it may be a bit warm for that
[14:03] <Skyfire> Calderan: Every mission...
[14:03] <@LeoHP> @ Skyfire - ssssssounds good
[14:03] <@Sundassa> Hate coffee, blame my mom too... one day I thought I was picking up my pepsi cup, turned out it was her black coffee
[14:03] <@Liam_Frost> so I need another solution
[14:03] <Theo_Whittaker> my doctor has told me to stop drinking it...... so very difficult.....
[14:03] <Rune> same here Sundassa
[14:03] <@LeoHP> Poor Nia and her failing wardrobes
[14:03] <Sabina> Ugh, all this talk about coffee. I need a cup.
[14:03] <Raissa_Moonsong> Hehehehee... Nia's Wardrobe.... every mission.
[14:03] <Rich> she really needs to get a refund from her tailor
[14:03] <@LeoHP> :)
[14:03] <@Sundassa> I like my beverages cold, and sweet
[14:03] <Rich> such poor quality
�06[14:03] * Anora goes to make some coffee
[14:04] <Mirra_Ezo> I made coffee sugar cookies, those were amazingly addicting,
[14:04] <@LeoHP> LOL
[14:04] <Theo_Whittaker> i'm only allowed decaff now *heavy sobbing*
[14:04] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Chocolate covered coffee beans. <3
[14:04] <Brell2334> Thats how I like my coffee only not very sweet just a little
[14:04] <Rich> Obviously not designed for the needs of a modern Byzallian
[14:04] <Mirra_Ezo> That is blasphemy! Decaff belongs in one place. Trash bin.
[14:04] <@LeoHP> Indeed not
[14:04] <Sabina> That's where it's at, Quinn
[14:04] <Brell2334> ug decaf, I'm sorry Theo
[14:04] <Theo_Whittaker> The tragedy is so real Mirra_Ezo
[14:04] <@LeoHP> No point having good quality clothes. Cheaper to reaplce
[14:05] <Rich> XD
[14:05] <Mirra_Ezo> I feel for you Theo.
[14:05] <Theo_Whittaker> I was naughty and a proper coffee this morning
[14:05] <Rich> Is that what Eerie tells her? :P
[14:05] <@LeoHP> LOL
[14:05] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I suspect Eerie sabotaged her replicator.
[14:05] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Clothing Quality -4
[14:05] <Eerie> yes clothes does take a beating with Eerie
[14:06] <@LeoHP> I believe so ;)
[14:06] <Rich> XD
[14:06] <Raissa_Moonsong> whoa... tmi
[14:06] <Skyfire> ...?
[14:06] <Rich> bahahaha
[14:06] <Theo_Whittaker> oh screw this.... brb.... I'm getting some PROPER coffee.
[14:06] <Brell2334> I'm sure I would get a doctor scolding if mine asked me how many cups of coffee I have in a day, often four or more . I work right next to a starbucks and get free refills   on brewed coffee
[14:06] <Rich> welcome to the fleet chat, after hours
[14:06] <@LeoHP> hehehe
�01[14:06] <Anora> lol
[14:07] <Mirra_Ezo> We are horrible influences, Sorry Theo!
[14:07] <Eerie> :)
[14:07] <@Sal_Taybrim> Coffee addiction strikes again
[14:07] <Skyfire> mmm.....coffeee...
[14:07] <@Sundassa> I was at a movie with my family, invited my daughter's crush along, per her request. Had fun.
[14:08] <Rich> how old?
[14:08] <@Sundassa> 13
[14:08] <Rich> ah
[14:08] <Theo_Whittaker> im back.... and at one with the java
[14:08] <Sabina> Aww, fun age
[14:09] <Rich> she hasn't reached that age where she's embarrassed by you yet?
[14:09] <Raissa_Moonsong> Spouse now watching James Bond.
[14:09] <Theo_Whittaker> which one Raissa?
[14:09] <Raissa_Moonsong> Thunderball.
[14:09] <Eerie> love the classics Bonds
[14:09] <Raissa_Moonsong> With the hot at any age Sean Connery.
[14:09] <@Sundassa> she's been at that age since she was 7... but he doesn't know she's crushing on him, they are best friends,
[14:09] <Rich> dawwww
[14:10] <Theo_Whittaker> I'm not overly struck on Thunderball. My favourite is The World Is Not Enough.... I'm a Pierce Brosnan fan
[14:10] <Rich> hey it works out sometimes that way... my gf and I were friends for 7 years before we started dating officially
[14:10] <@Sundassa> so, I kept my mommy mouth shut and didn't embarrass her, while he was around.
[14:10] <Raissa_Moonsong> My other hot-at-any-age crush.
[14:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ok, sadly guys I need to head out... I have cat boxes to clean and stew to finish before my company comes.  Love seeing everyone here!
[14:10] <Rich> Bye!
[14:10] <Theo_Whittaker> see you soon Sal!!! :D
[14:10] <Mirra_Ezo> Have a good day!
[14:10] <Raissa_Moonsong> hugs Sal!
[14:10] <Eerie> bye
[14:10] <@LeoHP> bye Sal
[14:11] <Theo_Whittaker> The Living Daylights is a VERY underrated Bond
[14:11] <@Sal_Taybrim> Have a great day everyone!
[14:11] <Sabina> Bye, Sal! Have a good one!
�02[14:11] * @Sal_Taybrim ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:11] <Theo_Whittaker> and I cant watch the end of Skyfall with sobbing
[14:11] <Theo_Whittaker> *without
[14:11] <Rich> I should head out as well. This was the fastest hour to fly by ever! :D Have a great Sunday everyone!
[14:11] <Theo_Whittaker> see you soon Rich
[14:11] <Eerie> bye Rich take care
[14:11] <@Quinn_Reynolds> lATER!
[14:11] <Skyfire> Bye, Rich.
[14:11] <Jalana> bye Rich :)
[14:11] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Oops. Caps lock.
[14:11] <@LeoHP> Bye Rich
[14:11] <Rich> ;) BYE!
[14:11] <Rune> bye Rich
[14:12] <Rich> I'll have Rahman get to work on those hot tubs...
[14:12] <Theo_Whittaker> :D
[14:12] <Mirra_Ezo> Have a good day!
[14:12] <Brell2334> bye rich
[14:12] <Rune> coolio Rune needs one ASAP!
[14:12] <Rich> :)
�02[14:12] * Rich ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:13] <Theo_Whittaker> This coffee is so so so so so good.
[14:13] <Raissa_Moonsong> afk
[14:13] <Mirra_Ezo> Hopefully it doesn't kill you
[14:13] <Mirra_Ezo> But at least you will die happy?
[14:13] <Theo_Whittaker> im no danger of shuffling off the mortal coil.
[14:14] <Theo_Whittaker> the doctor's told me to cut out coffee because i was exhausted by my uni work.
[14:14] <Theo_Whittaker> ofc my lecturer didn't give a damn about my health lol
[14:14] <Mirra_Ezo> Sleep it totally overrated anyways right?
[14:15] <Theo_Whittaker> For students apparently :D
[14:15] <Rune> sleep? what's that
[14:15] <@LeoHP> Sorry folks, got to go. Been great chatting :)
[14:15] <Eerie> love sleep took a nap after my 6.5 mile run today.
[14:15] <Rune> cya Leo
[14:15] <Sabina> Sleep, grades or social; pick two. That was always our rule of thumb
[14:15] <Skyfire> Bye, Leo
[14:15] <Eerie> bye Leo
[14:15] <@LeoHP> Toodle pip pip  everyone :)
[14:15] <Mirra_Ezo> Bye Leo
[14:15] <Rune> I would love sleep too... if I could ever get any
[14:15] <Eerie> bang on!
[14:15] <Theo_Whittaker> byt Leo
[14:15] <Sabina> Bye. Leo! Enjoy your day!
[14:15] <Theo_Whittaker> *bye
[14:15] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Bye!
�02[14:15] * @LeoHP ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:16] <Skyfire> I would dearly love sleep. I'm an insomniac.
[14:16] <Skyfire> Sleep is for wimps. Intelligent and well rested wimps, but still wimps.
[14:16] <Theo_Whittaker> Oh dear Skyfire :(
[14:16] <Mirra_Ezo> That sucks Skyfire, I have issues with that too
[14:17] <Rune> gotta run... minions just ran in
�02[14:17] * Eerie ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:17] <Skyfire> Mirra: and the worst part: melatonin and common sleep aid herbs don't work. I'm allergic to most sleep aid prescription meds.
[14:17] <Theo_Whittaker> Last November I was awake for three weeks straight -.-
�03[14:17] * Flynn (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) has joined #starbase118
[14:17] <Theo_Whittaker> WB Flynn
�02[14:17] * Rune ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:17] <Flynn> Thanks Theo_Whittaker :)
[14:17] <Flynn> I see its a bit more Quiet now
[14:18] <Skyfire> leo and sal left
[14:18] <Theo_Whittaker> Somewhat :)
[14:18] <Flynn> I can glance away from the screen and not be lost now lol
[14:18] <Theo_Whittaker> Although that lack of sleep was more to do with having been allocated a room right next to a whole flat of uni freshers who had parties constantly and never once invited me.
[14:19] <Theo_Whittaker> Not that I'm bitter........ >.<
[14:19] <Flynn> Been there...
[14:19] <Raissa_Moonsong> I don't have much to say today.
[14:19] <Flynn> yet they called campus security on me the second i played loud music lol
[14:19] <Flynn> go figure
[14:19] <Theo_Whittaker> SNAP!
[14:19] <Theo_Whittaker> They can play all manner of rap and hip hop but the moment I played Madonna, they complained!
[14:20] <Flynn> Thats ok, I am still amused that I got busted over Bohemiana Rhapsody
[14:20] <Raissa_Moonsong> Rap. ::shudder:: Ew.
[14:20] <Vie> Wait wait, somebody busted you for Bohemian Rhapsody?
[14:20] <Vie> And weren't immediately lynched?
[14:20] <Raissa_Moonsong> Sacrilege.
�02[14:20] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:20] <Flynn> Yep, my room mate and I were jamming out lol
[14:20] <Theo_Whittaker> Blasphemy!
[14:21] <Flynn> I was on the same floor as the rodeo guys so...go figure
�14[14:21] * @Sundassa ( has left #starbase118
[14:21] <Flynn> the joys of school in Wyoming i guess
[14:21] <Theo_Whittaker> The worst was my flatmate's girlfriend who complained at the slightest noise... even though she didn't live in our flat.
[14:22] <Theo_Whittaker> We ended up falling out and she got banned from the flat permantly.
[14:22] <Theo_Whittaker> 1 - 0 to me
[14:22] <Flynn> a win win?
�03[14:23] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) has joined #starbase118
[14:23] <Theo_Whittaker> she also had her wardenship taken off her because she acted unprofessionally.
[14:23] <Mirra_Ezo> Apparently I keep leaving?
[14:23] <Theo_Whittaker> Are there two Mirra's :D
[14:23] <Theo_Whittaker> 2 Quinn's, 2 Mirra's?
[14:23] <Raissa_Moonsong> Hope it wasn't something I said Mirra :)
[14:24] <Flynn> I think she is having technical difficulties
�02[14:24] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:24] <Raissa_Moonsong> I have the ability to kill forum threads and clear chatrooms with my mere presense.
[14:25] <Theo_Whittaker> I might head off in a minute and try to come up with a simm.... i won't hold my breath though
[14:25] <Skyfire> i am not dead! despite Moonsong's best efforts. just slightly more crazy.
[14:25] <Flynn> Good good. Feel free to bump into Flynn in the hall if you need some filler. I know I will lol
[14:25] <Raissa_Moonsong> You were crazy before we met.
�14[14:26] * Sabina ( has left #starbase118
[14:26] <Theo_Whittaker> I'm going to *try* and work on the JP with Beyett. I love how enthusiastic his character is.
[14:26] <Flynn> For sure.
[14:26] <Theo_Whittaker> Theo, on the other hand, will get so wound up :D
[14:27] <Raissa_Moonsong> And how does that make you feel?
[14:27] <Flynn> Flynn is excitable and probably a bit too naive. Trying to portray his fresh faced ensign'ness lol
[14:28] <Theo_Whittaker> if you want to write a sim, include a tag and I can backsim the JP with Beyett :)
�03[14:28] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) has joined #starbase118
[14:28] <Raissa_Moonsong> WB Mirra
[14:28] <Mirra_Ezo> Maybe that worked?
[14:28] <Skyfire> oops.
[14:28] <Theo_Whittaker> Theo is an easy going guy and he gets on with everyone, but he has a limit where he just gets aggrevated
[14:29] <Flynn> I enjoyed his contemplation over the resolutioin of the last mission. Thats about where I starting reading up on things
[14:29] <Theo_Whittaker> The JP with Oori on the hike?
�02[14:29] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.215.sgv.tyq) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:30] <Flynn> in the jeffreys tube just before his physical in medical
�03[14:30] * Eerie ( has joined #starbase118
[14:30] <Theo_Whittaker> Ooooh... the Jeffries' Tube rants. I *loved* writing that one.
[14:30] <Flynn> Mirra says farewell, she is having technical problems (we need a new second comp)
[14:30] <Theo_Whittaker> Bye Mirra!!
[14:30] <Eerie> Darn computer updates. Loves to just shut down when ever.
[14:30] <Raissa_Moonsong> Tell her it was nice to meet her.
[14:31] <Theo_Whittaker> That's another trait of mine I gave to Theo (well an old trait).... bottling things up until it becomes too much
[14:31] <Flynn> Mirra says "Bye, see you on the ship" Theo_Whittaker
[14:31] <Flynn> i can relate to that as well lol
[14:31] <Brell2334> think i will head out too got to finish up a sim
[14:32] <Skyfire> bye, brrell
[14:32] <Flynn> It didnt take long for me to determine our characters would become friends lol
[14:32] <Flynn> as if you dont have a say in it
[14:32] <Raissa_Moonsong> Have a nice day Brell
�02[14:32] * Eerie ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:32] <Theo_Whittaker> Theo and Antero?
[14:32] <Flynn> Yes
[14:32] <Theo_Whittaker> I thought that as well actually!
�03[14:33] * Eerie ( has joined #starbase118
[14:33] <Flynn> Nice!
[14:33] <Flynn> I also think they will have a good working relationiship. What with you making it go and me flying it
�02[14:33] * Iniko ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
�03[14:33] * LtCmdr_Richards ( has joined #starbase118
[14:33] <Theo_Whittaker> WB Richards
�02[14:34] * Disconnected
Session Close: Sun May 17 14:34:09 2015