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Chaltok IV is a planet in Romulan space, the fourth planet in the Chaltok system.


  • Home System: Chaltok system
  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Star: Chaltok, Type-M
  • Distance from Star: 249 million kilometers
  • Proper Name: Chaltok IV
  • Pronunciation: Tchal-tock 4
  • Diameter: 49,428 km
  • Gravity: 1.01
  • Orbital Period: 252 days
  • Rotational Period: 18 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 42%
    • Atmosphere: 70% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, 8% Carbon Dioxide, 2% inert gases
    • Climate: Moderate temperature. Tendency toward wet weather.
    • Population: Approx. 59 million


Chaltok IV housed a Romulan research station in the 2260s. It was almost destroyed in a polaric energy explosion, which led to the signing of the Polaric Test Ban Treaty in 2268.



World map of Chaltok IV showing the capital city, Nelvaer, its four largest decalithium mines, and the abandoned polaric energy research station.

From orbit, Chaltok IV appears to be little more than a gargantuan sphere of black rock, its landscape interrupted only by two large seas, and a collection of smaller lakes. Indeed, this holds true after beaming down; large areas of the planet could be considered barren wasteland, despite the thriving ecosystems that have evolved in its subterranean cave systems, and underground streams. The planet's Romulan inhabitants have carved a home for themselves in its rugged landscape, and the planet's seas are lined with thriving cities; its economy supported by vast decalithium mines, spread throughout both hemispheres.

The capital city, Nelvaer, is home to an exquisitely landscaped cultural quarter known as the Capitoline Arcade. The Arcade is renowned throughout the sector for its art galleries, concert halls, water gardens, arboretums and restaurants, as well as the grandiose residences of some of the more affluent dignitaries who have decided to settle on the planet. In addition, the Romulan Embassy and the Chaltok Consulate are located in the city, marking it as the centre of power for the whole planet.


A member of the Romulan Star Empire, Chaltok IV falls under the jurisdiction of Governor Valdek, whose seat of power lies in the capital city. Valdek and his staff administrate planetary affairs, as well as decalithium exports, from the Chaltok Consulate, which also contains Valdek's private quarters.

The Star Empire's decalithium trade holds Chaltok IV as one of its most important constituents. As such, ambassadors from a variety of other Romulan worlds, as well as businessmen, government and military officials, and even ambassadors from neighbouring empires can often be found in temporary residence at the Romulan Embassy.


Chaltok IV's entire economy revolves wholly around its decalithium mining industry. Part of its yield is sent directly to the Praetor for use in the Romulan military, while the rest of the yearly supply is sold for trade, barring the small amount that is used to run the planet itself.

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