Carina Ula Nara

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USS Veritas
Carina Ula Nara.jpg
Carina Ula Nara
Position Records Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 2371
Age 27
Birthplace Maravel
Writer ID C239305TA0

Ensign Carina Ula Nara is a Human who serves as the Records Officer aboard the USS Veritas.


Full Name Ula Nara Carina Manchu Carina Manchu Script.png
Species Human
T/E Rating 0
Date of Birth June 11th 2371
Age 26
Place of Birth Sinbin, Aixa Autonomous Banner, Sarhu League, Imperial State of Maravel
Hometown Mukden, Cinglung League, Imperial State of Maravel
Gender Female