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Caldonian Culture

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Caldonians are a race of humanoids from the planet Caldonia. Their society is very heavily dependent on technology, but they have managed to keep their immense love of the arts alive in their scientifically geared society.

Naming a Child

A very strict system is used for naming newborn Caldonians. And although some parents have abandoned this custom on Caldonia, it is still very much used in the majority of the Caldonian colonies. Individual syllables, known as names, are passed down from the both parents and a family friend. Let us call dad 123, mom 456, and the friend 789. (Note: Using these names is for example only. A normal name would consist of syllables such as Ock, Lu, Min, etc.)

Naming Boys

A boy would take the name of his father first, 1, then the name of the friend, 7, followed by the name of his mother, 4. So his name would be 174. If “174” was to have a son, his would take the 1 as the beginning of his name.

Naming Girls

A girl would first take name of her father’s mother, 3, then the name of the friend, 7, followed by the name of her mother, 4. So her name would be 374. If “374” were to have a child, they would take the 3 at the end of their name.


Because the very scientifically geared society that Caldonians live in, parents are encouraged to start their children’s education at very early ages, such as one or two. Most classes available to Caldonian children are also very fast paced, giving little or no opportunity for children to take a break. By the age of 12, the children are usually applying for a college or university. And by the age of twenty, they have graduated and either joined a research team or started there own.