Buyisiwe Mncedisi

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USS Veritas
Buyisiwe Mncedisi.png
Buyisiwe Mncedisi
Position Maintenance/Damage Control Technician
Rank Crewman Third Class
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 237704.11
Age 24
Birthplace Harare, Earth
Veritas NPCs

Crewman Buyisiwe Mncedisi is a 24-year-old human engineer aboard the USS Veritas.

In 2396, while Veritas battled the AI Sentinel's drone-controlled starships, Mncedisi assisted Lt. Cmdr. Tristam Core with repairs to the ship's artificial gravity systems.[1]

She is good friends with fellow engineer Crewman Tasnim Shandres. After Shandres snuck the two young women into Captain Roshanara Rahman's quarters, the two enjoyed a video of their chief engineer Lieutenant JG Geoffrey Teller getting shot by a modified Romulan disrupter during an experimental test. Their fun was put to an end when Rahman returned to her quarters and caught them rewatching the clip.[2]


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