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Culture and Species

The BulleRoxen are an intelligent Mammal species that resemble the Ancient earth mythological creature the Minotaur. BulleRoxen are warp-capable and a recent addition to the Federation (2387). BulleRoxen are a friendly and physically powerful species who are deeply Shamanic, believing in several great spirits, each with a different meaning.

The most common of these spirits are: The Father

The Mother

The Sister

The Farmer, Hunter or Fisherman

The Wanderer

The Warrior

Family Spirits

BulleRox Tend to have multiple children with a single partner as well as strong family and tribal bonds.

BulleRoxen tend to be slow but capable learners.

BulleRoxen are tall, with the tallest Male on record reaching 8.2 feet ( 2.5 meters) Tall, they average on 2.2 meters (7.21 Feet) with females averaging on 2 meters (6.56 feet)

The Great Path

BulleRoxen tend to follow one or two Great Paths in Life, while it is uncommon, these paths can change during life.

Most common paths are the path of the Warrior, tinkerer, philosopher, farmer or huntsmen.

Sports and Games

BulleRox enjoy a game that resembles Human Handball and martial sports.

Military Tradition

While BulleRoxen have Warrior traditions, and still have a protection army. Now armed with federation attributes. They are far from aggressive unless provoked, they are not afraid of battle or aggression. They follow a form of Dance to celebrate these old traditions.

Wardance and Equipment

Wardancing is a dance made by two or a group of BulleRox with both sexes allowed to dance. They don traditional weaponry and Armors and follow a strict studied choreography, the Wardance looks much like a fake fight and the use of actual weapons adds a tad of danger to it. It is highly common for the weapons and shields to meet in this choreography, however, it is not custom for BulleRox to get hurt in this Dance and the Dancers usually are very experienced.

Weapons used resemble old Terran style Axes, Hammers and Spears. These Spears are Called Hou'dans, and resemble the Earthen spear in form and function, with one notable exception; the spear has two blades, one on each side of the pole staff.

History of the Lasting Peace

BulleRox had a turbulent history with many wars and conquests, "War" Has only been eradicated from their planet 200 years ago. This was done under the pretence of the Lasting Peace, which has resulted at the end of all wars on the planet. This Peace is celebrated with the "Lasting Peace Festival" Each year, where sports, drink, food and War Dance are central to the celebration.

The Lasting Peace festival is a Must see in the Federation, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors since the Planet Joined the Federation.

BulleRoxen and Starfleet

Starfleet has recently allowed BulleRox into their ranks, De'Ba'Kel being the first-ever attendee of Starfleet academy with aim of becoming an Officer. However, BulleRox learn slowly and this has dented his dream, he now serves as a Petty Officer in gratitude for his 2 years of Academy. De'Ba'Kel still has full intend of reaching the rank of Ensign.

Starfleet is discussing options of a Specific program to allow BulleRox a fair and deserved chance at the Academy as well.