Brel, Ortho

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Ortho Brel, a Trill, was the first host of the Brel symbiont.

Architect Ortho was invited to become a host by the Symbiosis Commission after the completion of his most famous project, the redesign of many of the buildings that housed the Commission. He readily agreed, feeling honored by being selected to be the first host of a new symbiont.

After becoming a host, Ortho continued his work as an architect and towards the end of his life he had designed buildings not only on Trill but also on several other worlds including Betazed.

Ortho died of a stroke in 2276 on his ninetieth birthday. He was succeeded as a host by Lalla Brel. The Brel symbiont is currently hosted by Tobias Brel, Counselor aboard the USS Tiger.


  • Full Name: Ortho Brel
  • Birthdate: 218609.10
  • Date of Joining: 220612.15
  • Date of Death: 227609.10
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Trill


  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Hair Length: Cropped short to disguise baldness
  • Eye Color: Dark blue
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: Fluctuated throughout his life but most portraits from later life depict him at about 325 lbs
  • Facial Features: Wore a thick, brown beard
  • Skin Tone: Fair


Well-read and passionate about the arts, Ortho Brel was something of a renaissance man. He would take up new interests and hobbies on a whim and abandon them just as quickly. His impatience stretched also to his work where he would hire teams of young architects to handle much of the detail of each assignment, Ortho preferring to deal with the client and to find "the vision".

Ortho had a pompous demeanor and could not take criticism, however constructive its nature. Frequently bad-tempered with friends, family and colleagues alike, he was capable of great generosity - particularly to those causes which he supported.

Influence on Tobias Brel

Tobias, like Ortho, enjoys the procurement of new hobbies and skills. Although not as adventurous as his predecessor, he will pick up a hobby on a whim and become highly absorbed for a considerable time. Unlike Ortho however he does not completely lose interest in that hobby after several months, but rather indulges in it less frequently.

He also shares Ortho's love of art and literature, although his taste is less towards the opera, poetry and sculpture that Ortho loved to support and more towards plays and novels.

Tobias Brel owns a large scale painting depicting Ortho's most famous achievement - the three administrative towers of Trill's Symbiosis Commission. Too large to transport with him when he was reporting for duty, Tobias keeps the painting in storage at his parent's home, waiting for an opportunity to collect it.