Brandon Scott

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  • NAME: Brandon Scott
  • BIRTH DATE: 235203.11
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Backsburg VA


  • HAIR: blonde
  • EYES: hazel
  • HEIGHT: 5'11
  • WEIGHT: 175


Brandons great grandfather originally immigrated from the Scottish Isles to Blacksburg. His grandfather Duncan Scott was the first to become involved with kenpo and opened the family do Jo after earning his second degree black belt. His only son Bradley took over the business. Brandons family is distantly related to the famous engineer Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise A.

  • MOTHER: Karen Scott, Born on Mars she moved to earth at the age of 19 because she could not handle the riggers of the red planet and longed for the green forests and fields of Earth.
  • FATHER: Bradley Scott owns his own martial arts do Jo and teaches Kenpo Karate. He is also active with the children of the community in many outreach programs.
  • SIBLINGS: Brad Scott Jr works as an instructor for his father. His and Brandons relationship is very close the older Brad feels that he is his brothers keeper.
  • SPOUSE: none
  • CHILDREN: none

Personal History

Brandon is very athletic at the age of 14 he received his black belt in Kenpo. He is also an accomplished matt wrestler leading his high school to a state championship at the age of 16 and also winning a regional championship the same year.Brandon does not fair so well in academics he was always a poor speller and english student and could never quite grasp algebra. Though he is a distant relative of Montgomery he feels he does not have what it takes for engineering.While Brandon has dated a few women he does not feel he is ready to settle down and marry yet.

Professional History

  • Worked as an instructor for his father befor joining Starfleet.