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Member of DS26 Support Staff




  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 111kg
  • Build: stocky
  • Hair: none
  • Eyes: Black
  • Position: Owner/Operator, the Nova Room, DS26; former Starfleet Lieutenant

Duty History

Mr. Bozar's background is something of an enigma. Most Starfleet and civilian personnel know little about Mr. Bozar. What is known is that he is a former member of Starfleet Intelligence. It is not known how long he was with them, though he was already in Intel when Varaan was with the Vulcan Intelligence (V'shar). During that time period he was posing as a merchant trader on Vulcan. More recently, he was a deep cover operative for an undetermined length of time on the criminally run Midway Station, in the Jenatris Corridor. There, he was successfully posing as a bartender and owner/operator of the Nova Room. Due to complications during a recent mission of the Atlantis, somehow his cover was blown. He was briefly captured by Cardassians, and traded back to the Atlantis crew for (forged) data. He was debriefed on Starbase 118, and resigned from Intel. Admiral Krieger immediately talked him into taking command of a Rapid Response Team Task Group. Ironically enough, the RRT was based on the Atlantis. He ran the RRT on Atlantis for several years before formally retiring his commission. He has since returned to his job as the owner of the new Nova Room, now located on Deep Space 26.

It is widely rumored that there is not a mixed drink in known space he does not know the recipe for. Trying to stump Bozar has become a common point of wagering among his patrons. The downside of this is that no matter what he mixes, Bozar expects to see you drink it. With some more exotic concoctions this can become positively revolting (or dangerous, as in the case of the now infamous Cardassian Fireball). Mr. Bozar also demonstrates a knack for arranging and catering celebrations. As with his knowledge of galactic beverages, his repertoire of canapés is voluminous.

What Mr. Bozar does in his spare time seems to be a mystery, although he often makes use of the holodeck. Indeed, none of his previous acquaintances seems willing to risk dismemberment by asking. He has on occasion, however, let slip skills and abilities that he has no explanation for. At least, not any he is willing to share.

Personality & Appearance:

Like most Bolian males, Mr. Bozar's skin is blue and he has a bifurcated ridge running the length of his face and hairless scalp. His frame is huge, and his very muscular body fills it quite satisfactorily. He is roughly 191 cm tall and a solid 111 kg. Although he appears grumpy and aloof at times, once he befriends you he can be funny and caring. And if you tell anyone, he'll hurt you...bad.


Apart from his obvious enjoyment of drink mixing and cooking, Bozar has shown a talent for painting and a knack for commercial diplomacy, allowing him to get his hands on nearly anything he wants. Known pastimes include vectorboarding and playing poker. He has shown glimpses of ambidexterity and a photographic memory, and an ability to learn and processes languages at an accelerated rate.