Bowrapiquis Jetseen

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  • Species: Epon-5e
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Place: outside yet within normal space
  • Appearance:
    • Feathered Plumage
    • Glowing Skin patterns
    • Burning Red eyes with A Green center
    • Clawed feet and holographically implanted arms and hands
  • Family Group:
    • Flock: 5e
    • AI category is r74

Ensign Bowrapiquis Jetseen is from a race of what might be considered space birds

The Epon race has been living outside normal time/space definitions forming a post AI interface within the standard space/time developments. As such their first group or flock of visitors would be the Epon-5e subjects in title and designations where Bowrapiquis Jetseen has named himself as unique in his roll.

The Ensign has taken on responsibilities of navigational piloting as his post on the Eagle after completing the training as a cadet.