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1 PERSONAL INFORMATION 1.1 Personality 1.1.1 Defining Features/Characteristics 1.1.2 Mannerisms 1.1.3 Psychological Profile 1.1.4 Religious Views 1.1.5 Hobbies 1.2 Family 1.3 Personal History 1.3.1 Childhood 2 Educations 2.1 Favourite Courses in School 3 Professional informations 4 Favorite Places to go 4.1 Favorite Haunts 4.2 Favorite parks and rec-holo simulations 4.3 Favorite research projects

this is adapted from the Info-Bio of Kevin Breeman the plan is to revamp the complete user section by section from the old below to follow form of the above indexes. And as well formatting is also necessary here but all in time hopefully.

H92o and his companion and friend the holographic cloths that he wears contains the fluidity at the super string level. H92o or Ice Nine is a trans-reality creature that is just becoming aware there are explores that virtually can contain the trans-realities that occur in the dream in Ice Nine's ethereal existence ...

Ice nine comes from a planet completely covered in a liquid gel like ice similar to the founders ocean of links but frozen resembling a diamond dew-ish like sparkle in the sun or at night.

Ice nine consistency is like the rubber but a superconductor of EM emissions still sensing things that are inside newer realities that create effects inside the virtual experience that is contained by Mr. Holograph.

A Q once spoke to Ice nine due to its needs and wanted to know what would help h92o become real again. "nothing" was the reply that included the idea that it had already not happened.

Ice nine is a cadet in Star Fleet at starbase 118 under close observation by the sensors of the holographic clothing being worn. As of the newest mission with the time agents and operatives Ice Nine and Mr. Holograph. are noticed entering the infinite energy time field. Although this is explained as a dream, there is some substance to the realities that are forming.

Ice nine is the source of images for the Mr Hologram to duplicate.

Going into the abyss of lives and rivers of dreams for peace, Mr. Hologram is the only one that can get close enough to H92o to observe the breaded super strings as they ripple forth from the thoughts and ideas Ice nine has...

-such as-

Traveling into the future with "nothing" but a few loving ideas on the river of dreams where Ice Nine found everything as it would not of been had there become more of the sensations to the things then it ever before had been?...

-such is-

The fact that an excuse to refuse the fantasy and mixtures of realities remembered and inexplicable perfections there are become the source for new creations of detail and content and growth into themselves as they are.

-such that-

Ice9 ignored the prime temporal directive and interacted with Hundorial Foantal and caused an effect that is still not understood but has been relieved of duties till the systems of events are understood.

- Log Entries