Blue Matter

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Since there are things that matter ...

Blue Matter

Occur during extreme light transfers between energy levels of time shell as an effect of meaning.

Red Matter

In small amounts can cause time-blips and time-pops. While this red matter can also allow for the collapse of large systems super-quad-novae explosions to 'fall' into a grouping of singularities. There are three types of singularities know at this point of where we are.

Yellow Matter

This is more a type of plasma, then not.

Gray Matter

Allows for neurogenesis in the average mind or mind-scape.

Dark Matter

Represents what is between the empty and the radioactive radiations that has some form of substance. This kind of matter just exists to balance the universes in question during observational studies.

Lite Matter

Is found at the final stage if singular actions and decay effects of these actions. Lite Matter has as a function between the ideas of thought without time or space being conduced.

Not in that order: We can have the mixtures of these matters and that may become the boundaries of space herself.


Matter is matter and as such it can be neither created nor destroyed. This so there are lots of it to go around everywhere in and on through everything that is. Moving matter is a matter of moving space and time as well.


Containment of non-exact amounts in an interactive wholeness but not a totally whole mattered encapsulations.