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Planet Ornara
System Delos
Region Genta
General Information
Climate Humid, constantly raining
Points of interest Itaci Gener
Primary Construction Materials Concrete
Societal Information
Population 1 million
Predominant Species Ornarans

Bintac is a small-scale Ornaran city. Its population suffered heavily from addiction of the Brekkian drug felicium, but the city is well on its way to returning to its prime - the crime rate continues to drop in incredible waves, thanks to the efforts of its local law enforcement and may be one of the first cities to completely rid itself of felicium. The primary language spoken in Bintac is Gentic Ornaran.[1]

Points of interest in Bintac include a world-famous diner by the name of Itaci Gener, of which provides Ornarans and tourists with familiar cuisines from the Delos system and around the Federation. It is the only establishment in Bintac which accepts Federation credits.


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