Ben Ramsay

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USS Victory
Ben Ramsay

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position:Operations Specialist
  • Ship: USS Victory
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Human

  • DOB: 235908.01
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5’10’’
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Birthplace: London, Earth
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Family Life

Benjamin Joaquin Ramsay was born in London England, Earth. Born to Mary Lee "Calhoun" Ramsay and Douglas David Ramsay. Benjamin has a twin brother Joaquin Benjamin Ramsay, there First and Middle names were reversed in honor of there grandfathers. Doug Ramsay is the London City Manager and Mary is a History of Art, Professor and Academic Dean at the Fetters College in Edinburgh Scotland. Joaquin is serving on a Science Research Station as an Anthropologist.

Dated Guy Perry Hunt, for a month until Guy's father died and guy withdrew from all his friends

College Life

Benjamin went to Fetters College and got a B.S. in Information Communications Technology. While in collage he spent most of his time studying and working in the campus cafe'. In his Senior year he feel into the wrong group of people and his grades began to slip. He started missing class, He was almost kicked out of school but was aloud to finish because of his mother.

Because of the GPA drop Benjamin got turned down by Star Fleet Academy.

Career History

Benjamin Enlisted in Star Fleet and became a Transporter Operator at Earth Space Dock. He spent two years working at the space dock and studying for Star Fleet Academy.

When a transporter relay blew out during the transporting of a high ranking Admiral Ramsay fast thinking saved the Admirals life. That same Admiral the very next day made a recommendation to the Academy and Ramsay was admitted on Academic Probation.

After the first year at the Academy Ben was off of Probation and was 1st in his class in Academics and physical fitness. Majoring in Deep Space Operations and Communications and a minor in Sub-space Mathematics Science.

Benjamin graduated in the top 5 at the Academy and was Being Transferred to Star Base 118. He got his orders to report to the USS Victory, Earth Orbit to help transport the ship to Star Base 118. On the way to SB118 the ship reseved new orders and was ordered to search and find the USS Eagle.

Benjamin was now part of the crew of the USS Victory and orders to Star Base 118 was reseeded.