Battle of Bondi

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The battle of Bondi took place in 2389 outside the seaside city of Bondi on Til'Ahn. The following is a newsfeed recorded live at the time of the battle:

==========THE BATTLE OF BONDI: 239010=========

((Bondi, Manar Providence, Til’ahn))

::The Laudean militia assembled in the ridge at the far end of the valley. The invading forces had to pass through here to be able to get into the coastal city Bondi. The Laudeans were equipped with disrupter weapons and there were explosive charges and grenades ready to be used.::

::The Laudeans in the valley looked tense but very very determined as they waited on the Klingons advancing far enough into the valley for them, and the StarFleet Officers supporting them to shoot them like Meeka in a well. The Starfleet Officers were up on the ridge in strategic positions. Much preparation had gone into this - fielders, including Rori Reinard had done sweeps for Houdinis , mines and other traps before assembling in the valley.::

::You could tell the Laudeans wanted to open fire but Daysa and his Lieutenants held them in check. Once the Klingons had come forward enough they finally let rip! The battle roiled this way and that, all sides were losing men. The sight of blood, energy burns, explosion damage, dismembered people – Laudeans was tough to behold. There were his people, fighting hard and dying for the freedom of their very planet.::

::Up on the ridge StarFleet Officers fought fiercely. They shot and dropped grenades on the invading Klingon and Scarlet Brotherhood invaders! The Klingons were ferocious and held their own for a long time. It was the Brotherhood that crumbled first, their flank began to collapse forcing the Klingons to try and resupply them.::

::The sound of Klingons roaring, people screaming and dying in agony filled the air, along with the boom of yet more explosions and the familiar sound of mortar fire. There was rock fall and dust as weapons fire impacted the walls of the cliffs. As the battle unfolded before him it was clear that the Laudeans would be finished for if the Klingons managed to get their reinforcements up through the gully, and resupply the Brotherhood. ::

::Laudean fighters circled overhead and fired down upon the invaders relentlessly. A Starfleet shuttle could be seen zipping overhead as well depositing the previously recovered mines in strategic positions. ::

::It seemed the StarFleet Officers were having the desired impact because their efforts were starting to draw attention causing some weapons and mortar fire to be concentrated on their positions. A lot of that fire however was just hitting the rocks causing… more rock fall… ::

::The Laudeans were never let up or faltered, they fought with passion and determination. With StarFleet and the air support the battle was won. These were true heroes. The Laudeans finished them off while StarFleet went on to locate the cowardly leaders of the brotherhood and prevent them from sneaking off and re-surfacing to cause evil and damage elsewhere at another time.::

==========END OF NEWS FEED=========