Bajoran starships

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Bajoran ships fall under three main specifications.

Assault Vessels

Assault vessels are well-armed craft designed for the defence of the planet. Members of the Circle used these craft to threaten Deep Space Nine in 2370.


Interceptors are smaller craft that are highly manoeuvrable and capable of atmospheric flight. Kira Nerys commanded a blockade made up of Bajoran Interceptors to prevent the Romulans from installing weapons in an alleged medical facility in the Bajoran system in 2375.


Freighters are optimised for cargo transportation, although the government authorises off-world cargo ships to assist with commercial operations. Kasidy Yates and her ship Xhosa were enlisted in the Bajoran Ministry of Transport.


In addition, smaller sub-light vessels were widely used during the occupation, most often holding only 2 crewmen.