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Ba'Neth Echo.jpg
Four Letter Code NETH
Federation Status Noncommunicative
Planet of Origin Unknown
Encountered VOY: Riddles
Current Tech Level Q
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The Ba'Neth are a non-humanoid species located in the Delta Quadrant. They are highly xenophobic, and are presumably located in a neighboring system of the Kesat.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Delta
  • Location: Unknown
  • Proper Name: Ba'Neth
  • Pronunciation: Ba'Neth
  • Star: A binary system with a K-class star and an A-class star.[1]
  • Distance from Star: Unknown
  • Companions: Unknown


Aside from their rare interactions with the Kesat, the Ba'Neth were widely considered a myth. Their name translates to "shadow people" in the Kesat language.

The Ba'Neth were encountered by Starfleet in 2376 by the USS Voyager, where a member of the crew was assaulted by a Ba'Neth as it attempted to download tactical information. After locating a Ba'Neth space station, Voyager traded a photolitic converter used to locate the species for information to treat their injured crewmember.


The Ba'Neth are considered to have tentacles, and are non-humanoid. However, due to the nature of their cloaking technology, no one has truly seen a Ba'Neth, and rumor ensues about their actual appearance or physiology.


A highly xenophobic race, the Ba'Neth attempt to destroy any information regarding their existence at any and all cost. Protection of their own species is a high priority, as they attack ships to assess the threat they pose to their people.


Though no one is sure just how advanced they are technologically, the Ba'Neth seem particularly adept in cloaking technology, used to hide both themselves and their vessels, of which leaves residual amounts of short-lived veridium isotopes. Their cloaks are also used so that they remain undetected as they observe other species traveling through their area of space.


As every Ba'Neth installation is cloaked, it is impossible to determine just how extensive their forces are. It's understood that they at least have at least have vessels and stations capable of combat, all equipped with stealth technology.[2]


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