Avandar Shuttlebay

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The shuttlebay (variously called the flight deck, hangar deck, or shuttlecraft bay) was a facility on a starship where shuttlecraft were launched, received, stored, and maintained.

The space doors on a shuttlebay were usually kept closed, and were replaced with a force field when a shuttlecraft was about to land or to be launched. This force field could be penetrated by the shuttlecraft itself, while it prevented decompression of the shuttlebay.

On the Avandar the Shuttle bay is split between two decks, Deck 5 has the Flight Control Office and Main Shuttle Bay witch is where shuttles are launched from, Deck 6 has the Shuttle Storage Bay, Repair Section and Prep Room.

Flight Control Office

Main Shuttlebay

Shuttle Storage Bay

Shuttle Repair Bay

Pilot Prep Room