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Avandar Promotion Ceremony 238812.24


((USS Avandar, Crew Lounge))

:: As she sat at the bar, sipping away at a nice fresh mug of coffee, Della smiled to herself as the first of the people she'd summoned started arriving - and only partly because she was quite enjoying the fact that none of them had been told *why*.::

:: With a few words of greeting for each of them, she directed them to find themselves somewhere to sit and to grab a drink or something if they wanted it. Nothing was going to happen until they were all here, after all...::

:: Eventually, that little condition was met, and she slipped off of her bar-stool and wandered over to the table she'd had set up by the windows, well aware of the looks some of the crew had been sending it's way, trying to figure out just what lay under the silken cloth that was draped over the surprise she had for them all.::

Vetri: Okay folks, thanks for coming. I know this wasn't on the schedule for today, but I thought I'd add a little variety to the lives of those of us not engaged in large amounts of scientific study.

Every so often, it's a Captain's distinct pleasure to do something like this, and it is with a sense of enormous pride that I get the chance to do what I'm about to for one of the finest crews I've ever encountered.

:: Raising her mug in salute to the gathered officers, she snagged the cloth covering the table and pulled it away, revealing the stack of wooden boxes that it had hidden.::

Vetri: There's a nice present in each of these, and they've got your names on them. Once I'm done, you're welcome to come snag your one and.. ::chuckling:: Well, do what you like with it. I'm afraid I'm going to take a certain delight in ruining the surprise about what's in them, though.

:: After another sip of coffee, she set the mug aside, her expression sobering as she surveyed her crew.::

Vetri: It's one of Starfleet's main jobs to go out and explore, to shine a torch into the unknown places, and to seek out whatever the universe may hold. Under my command, the USS Aurora did just that, some of you were there to carry that torch. The Explorer's Ribbon marks the achievement of setting foot into the totally unknown, and I'm happy to announce that Dickens, Barnes, Eerie, Malcolm, Tali, Gilaars and T'Lea are all going to find one in their box.

This seeking for knowledge doesn't always go smoothly, of course, and sometimes people get hurt. Lt.Cmdr. Dickens, Lt. tan, LtCmdr T'Lea: all of you have more than paid for the Purple Heart you're receiving as well. Lt Malcolm? For you, and because all of the people we've had injured are still with us due to your care, you are receiving the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon.

:: With a slight smile, she looked over her shoulder at the stars outside, then back at everyone else.::

Vetri: On occasion, there are loose ends that need tying up, and on some of those occasions there are those that seek to wreck the good works people have scarified so much for. Bajor's recent admission into the Federation is one of those things, and those of us that were involved know all to well the lengths the Scarlet Brotherhood went to to try and stop that happening.

LtCmdrs Dickens, Barnes and T'Lea. Lieutenants Tan, Malcolm, Tali and Eerie. Junior Lieutenants Gilaars, Blackwood and Matthews. 1st Lt. Kagran. Starfleet has decided that those who fought back the tide of fanaticism, terror, and hatred that tried to reach out and claim Bajor once more deserve a little recognition. For each of you, your box contains the Bajoran Campaign Ribbon, a little something to show that what you did will *not* be forgotten.

:: Moving her hands from where they were clasped behind her back, Della turned to the table and lifted one of the boxes.::

Vetri: There are more specific awards as well, given for personal achievement, and there are a few of those here too. Ensign S'Acul, would you join me please?

S'Acul: ?

:: Once the Caitian had reached her, Della held out the box to him, a smile playing across her lips.::

Vetri: Being stuck in a metal can surrounded by the void can be a little hard on the nerves sometimes, but there are those that go out of their way to make sure everyone's morale stays high. The Silver Palm is meant for those individuals, Ensign, and you are one of them. Congratulations.

S'Acul: ?

Vetri: You earned it. Lt. Eerie?

Eerie: ?

:: Another box came to hand, and again was presented with a smile.::

Vetri: A lot of people know a lot of stuff about Humans, Vulcans, and the like. Not many know too much about the Brikar, and you've been doing a great job of changing that. As a result, it is with pleasure I present you with - along with the rest - The Nebula Bar. Congratulations, Lt.

Eerie: ?

Vetri: Next up... Let me see.. Ah, yes. Ensign tr'Khellian, would you join me, please?

tr'Khellian: ?

Vetri: I know it's an Intel officer's job to know things, but some people just seem to have an array of knowledge about the world we live in at their disposal. The Russ Bar is meant to mark out those individuals, and whilst you've not been with us long, you've earned it. ::presenting the box:: Well DOne,Ensign.

tr'Khellian: ?

Vetri: Okay, almost done. ::grinning:: Now, the next person is probably a little cranky at me for dragging her all the way down here and away from he studies of what lies around us, but hopefully it'll be worth it. Lt. Blackwood?

Blackwood: ?

:: As the science officer approached, Della lifted another box from the table.::

Vetri: When it comes to hard work, there are few I can think of that come to mind to match the efforts you've gone to, both in your duties and in working to support us all. Sadly, there is no single award I can give to you to cover all that you've done, so I hope you'll be satisfied with me breaking it down into component parts. Lt. it is with great pleasure I award you both the Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement, and the Neelix Award. You've certainly earned them.

Blackwood: ?

:: Retrieving her mug from the table, Della took sip, then turned a smile on the gathering as she set it back down, her hands slipping into her pockets as she spoke again.::

Vetri: This isn't all handing out medals and the like, of course. There's other things I get to do as well. Lt. Matthews, if you'd be so kind?

Matthews: ?

:: Once he'd joined her, Della pulled her hands from her pockets once more, revealing another small box in one of them.::

Vetri: Matthews, I've come to a realisation with regards to you. The "JG" on the end of your rank is just too cumbersome, and your attention to your duties has convinced me that it's about time we ditched it. ::smiling, she flipped open the box in her hand to reveal the pips of a full Lieutenant that lay inside:: Congratulations, Lt. I'm sure the weight of the extra half-pip won't slow you down.

Matthews: ?

:: Shifting again, Della turned her smile onto the assembled mob and gave them all a slight bow.::

Vetri: You're a hell of a crew, folks, and it's my honour to serve with you. The symbols of recognition I've handed out are just the official ones - you all deserve a huge amount of resepect for your actions and abilities, and I want you to know that regardless of the awards I am authorised to hand out, in my mind you've *all* earned the right to be honoured for your efforts. ::laying a hand on the table, beside the stack of boxes that remained:: Come and get them, folks. They're all yours.

:: Moving away from the table, back toward the bar, Della paused about half way and smiled again, raising her freshly-retrieved mug in salute once more.::

Vetri: It's been a hell of a year, folks. Let's see if we can't make the next one better.