Astraeus Main Security

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Main Security

The security section of the Astraeus is large and advanced. Consisting of numerous holding cells, briefing areas, armories and training areas, this section is the center of tactical and security operations aboard the Galaxy class starship. Equipped with the latest versions of equipment first designed and pioneered by the Hazard Team aboard USS Voyager and by Starfleet Marines during the Dominion War, one unique artifact located in Security's main briefing room is a large piece of twisted and blackened duranium, a shard of the Astraeus' hull blasted off during the Battle of Riktor Prime in the Dominion War, mounted on one of its walls as a memorial of former officers and crew killed in action.


The brig aboard the Astraeus has been significantly overhauled since the ship's original construction.

Spartan but relatively comfortable, each cell contains a small bed suitably sized to its prisoner. Primary containment is provided by an extremely durable transparent aluminum door that can be made opaque or transparent via the security officer's controls. Secondary containment is provided by a variable strength and geometry forcefield in each cell's entryway, and a duranium security door is the final backup, designed to slam shut via simple mechanical action if triggered by the security officer or if certain conditions are met and detected by the ship's computer.

As on all Starfleet vessels, prisoners are also protected from dangerous environmental conditions by the ship's ethical protocols. Given the choice between risking a prisoner's life or keeping them contained, given no additional supervision, the Astraeus' computers are designed to keep prisoners safe as their first priority.