Astraeus Arboretum

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USS Astraeus NCC-70652 - Arboretum

The main Arboretum on the Astraeus is a very large space which is three decks high, extending from the just aft of the Main Shuttlebay on Deck 6 down to Deck 8. The two massive windows that look up into space from its mossy and forested floors have the ability to be made opaque and to appear as a very convincing artificial sky, able to mimick the lighting conditions of any known planet in the Federation.

Containing a massive variety of plants and some harmless fauna which exist in a symbiotic relationship with the plantlife that has grown by the Astraeus' scientists over the decades, the outer edges of the rectangular Arboretum are occupied by several multipurpose laboratories designed to serve ongoing biological projects, while the larger inner area is surrounded by a ring-shaped river and is accessed by a wooden bridge.

Designated as a park for the crew and visitors, this area is name 'Nabatov Park' for Andrei Nabatov, the Astraeus' first Captain, who was killed in action during the Dominion War. This small island in the Arboretum contains grass, bushes, sitting areas and flowers, but its centerpiece is a pine tree ringed by a small planted in the late 2370s which has grown over the years to a very large size, nearly reaching the twin massive windows in the Arboretum's ceiling.




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