Assia Hanno

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Captain Assia Hanno - Female Catullan

  • Description: A middle aged woman with deep bronze toned skin and pale lavender hair that is swept back into a no-nonsense bun. She had sharp blue eyes that bore into those she speaks with, and a low sonorous voice that carries well. Small visible ravages of age only heighten her sense of presence, and she carries herself with dignity and confidence.
  • Personality: Calm, even tempered, hard to ruffle. Motherly, dignified, reserved. A longtime flag officer, Fleet Captain Hanno always presents herself with grace and dignity tempered with a total commitment to Starfleet duty.
  • Background: Assia Hanno started as an engineering officer and rose through the ranks during the Yolanda wars. A hero of the Vaadwaur conflict, she commanded the USS Vesper to many victories that protected Federation worlds. Badly injured by the end of the conflict, she was awarded the Purple Heart and promoted to fleet captain. Afterwards she had an extensive recovery period where she took a semi-retirement to a desk job. Now she oversees fleet tactical movements and advanced cadet training.