Ares III

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Planet Ares III is a private vacation world, with no natural living inhabitants. It consists of large oceans, small dotted islands, with deep green grass. It also has large hexagonal natural stone formations, similar to the Giant's Causeway on Earth. The planet has a strange elliptical orbit around its sun, which causes its equator to exist in a constant state of star-lined sunset. The sky there is always orange, with pink clouds.

Aresian water fowl, are capable of flying and swimming and occasionally fly beneath the oceans surface to catch fish.

The surface was either abandoned, or its planetary inhabitants died some 25,000 years ago. Now only their residential pagoda structures remain on the beaches and in the oceans. The typical color of most Aresian pagodas is blood red.

Politically, a Federation diplomatic prefect, or proctor exists on the planet.

It takes several weeks to get Ares III, since it exists on the outer edge of the Alpha Quadrant, in the outer galactic arm.

Ares III was first mentioned in the sim "Some moments you don't share" in which Charlotte Farnsworth remembers a visit on the planet.