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Jan 19, 2003

Forums Back Online

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

The problem that was occuring when posting messages on Sunday has been fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the forums yet, you're missing a world of fun! Registering is quick and easy, and you'll soon be on your way to chatting with other members of your ship, and members of other ships in our many forums!

Jan 30, 2003

Updates and Misc.

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

Just wanted to send out a few reminders...

1. Top SIMs Contest: Two parts of the Top SIMs contest are currently in action. - First, we are accepting more top SIMs for the contest that begins next month. If you think someone has written a great SIM this past month (January), or you see any good ones in February, be sure to send them in to the contest!! To find out more information, head to: - The second part of the contest is that we're also voting on this session's CURRENT nominees for the top SIM. To see the nominees and to place your vote, head here: Voting ends for this session at the end of February, so be sure to get your vote in sometime soon!

2. Elite Force Alliance's Top 200 Trek Sites: For those of you who have been keeping up with it, you'll know that we've done very well in January on this ranking. We should continue this going into the next month by starting off strong!! Voting resets at midnight of Jan. 31/Feb. 1, so be sure to get your votes in on Feb. 1st to get us started!! Don't forget you can vote once a day!

3. Server/Forum Issues: We are in the process of negotiating a move to a new sub-server of our current host. This will require us to move our data from one server of our host to another, and to change from one type of site administration to another. We are working with our provider to make these changes, but there is the possibility that the UFOP website and forums may be down for a day or two. Should this be the case, we will send out an e-mail to this list notifying you as such. The current problems in a few of our forums on the Message Boards WILL be cleared up by this move.

4. Chats: If you haven't been to a chat lately, you're missing out on a good time!! You can find information on upcoming chat times at the same place you can find our online chat panel:

Hope the beginning of the year is going well for everyone, and that SIMming is going good!

Feb 6, 2003

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

I have some quick updates for the fleet. Please be sure to read to the end!

1. REPORTER: The Reporter editor is looking for articles for the upcoming issue. If you have any interest in writing either of the following, please note that we would need them by Feb. 12th. Just contact Adler Wong-Aquiss at: lady_shekinah@... to confirm that you will write it!

- New Frontiers: About a new (or under-developed) species your ship has encountered in the past few months. - Reviews: Reviews of a new Star Trek book, game, or website. (We have "SF Command 3" for this upcoming issue, so please avoid that one! Also, check to see what other reviews we've done.)

ALSO: Is your character in a relationship, on your vessel? We'd like to hear about it!! Please e-mail us at "ufop-reporter@..." and tell us about who your character is in a relationship with, how long it has lasted, and how hard it has been to keep it up In Character and Out Of Character!

2. TOP SIMS CONTEST: Be sure to VOTE in the current round!! Only 22 days left to submit your votes, and we currently have a tie! Head to: We also need a BUNCH more SIMs for the NEXT round of the Top SIMs contest, due to begin on March 1. Head to: to submit your SIM, or a friend's SIM!

3. CHATS: Have you checked out our chats lately? We've just added a 3rd chat, during the week! This one is called "ChitChat", and begins at 5pm EST, and 10pm GMT. For more information, just head to:

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time and effort lately. We appreciate your dedication and loyalty to our group -- you are truly the ones who keep us going!

Feb 10, 2003

State of the Federation Address: 2380

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

Happy 2380!

Winter of the New Year is often a high point for simming on the fleet ships. Holidays are done; school just restarting; and the weather outside is not as inviting. Somehow, the calendar change lets us mentally put the last year into the category of history, and hope for a better year. UFOP takes this point in the year to look where we have been, and then move ahead.

'Exciting' and 'Innovative' are the words I would use to define last year, 2379.

On April 16, 2002 Admiral Wolf revealed a behind the scene project he had been working on. In his words,

"The project is a member database which will allow us to have our members put their profiles and character information online, so that we could more easily keep track of them."

Thus UPDS was born. It evolved quickly beyond a means to organize profiles. UPDS allows captains to change their duty rosters easily. Those changes instantly and automatically update to the UFOP's personnel rosters. From there it is easy to browse any officer's biography. Gone are the days of out-of-date Personnel rosters.

The database's usefulness does not stop there. UPDS streamlines the UFOP Awards by organizing nominations in a central location. When the nomination period closes, captains have only to go through their ships nominations approving or denying the awards. Additionally UPDS administers the captain's Monthly Mission reports. Each CO has only to access the online form through UPDS and fill it out. UPDS has dramatically increased fleet organization, while reducing individual workloads.

UFOP is more than a group of sim sites; it also fosters a sense of community. 2379 saw a renaissance of that community spirit. Our message boards have grown into a robust forum with sections for serious political debates, fan discussions, random zaniness, and ship specific exchanges. Recently the boards' location moved to the SB118 server, saving the club money, and streamlining its location. The boards have a feel of vitality.

The UFOP chats also returned in full force and are accessed through a permanent feature on the SB118 RPG site. The EuroChat is popular world wide, and has consistent attendance.

UPDS, the Chats, and the UFOP Message Boards are all accessed through SB118 server. The oldest part of our infrastructure remains our most relevant. In 2378 (two years ago) SB118 received is own domain name. Since then there has been constant improvements to the RPG site most recently with additional articles to the Academy sections. All SB118 ship websites can also be hosted on our servers - making us one of the very few groups with this feature. I invite new and long-time members to visit and take a new look at the home of our club.

A sense of community gives UFOP real strength. Recently a disgruntled former member gave UFOP a bad review on a Play-By-Email Index. This person said some truly awful things about UFOP. Admiral Wolf notified the boards, asking people to post their own reviews. Within two weeks, 14 positive well-written reviews replaced the one negative review.

Similarly, UFOP easily moved from the middle of the pack, to the 1st position on Elite Force Alliance top 200 Star Trek Sites ranking index, when members were informed where they could vote. This position will help to point prospective member is our direction, as they see our commanding 40 vote lead in January alone. We owe these events to the united membership of UFOP, and a true sense of community.

At the beginning of the year Admirals Wolf, Kelly, and Hollis had administered the club under the Fleet Command Authority clause of the constitution. In March, the addition of Captain Adler, and Captain Hebron reconstituted the EC preparing it to handle the closing and opening of numerous ships.

In 2379, UFOP decommissioned 7 ships, and commissioned 5. Uniformly the reason for decommission was Real Life changes effecting the time available for a Captain to command a ship. Ships closed were Walton, Wallace, Isannah, Freedom, Galileo, Ranger, and Ronin. It is also of note that StarWind's long time alliance with UFOP was dissolved in October.

During the same period the Paladin, Independence, Black Tower, Victory, and Isannah were launched. Captain Hebron replaced the USS Constitution as his command post with StarBase 118 Operations. Admiral Kelly launched the USS Titian when Captain Terra took over Ranger. Admiral Hollis replaced the USS Kodiak-A (Dauntless Class), with USS Kodiak 801001 (Norway Class).

The Fleet presently consists of: Black Tower/Intel - Lt. Connell Kyrl USS Independence - New Orleans - Captain Anassasi USS Isannah - Nebula - Commander. Hutton USS Kodiak - Norway - Rear Admiral Hollis USS Nemesis-B - Sovereign - Fleet Captain Wong-Aquiss USS Paladin - Prometheus - Captain Daninburg Star Base 118 Ops - Space Dock - Fleet Captain Hebron USS Titan - Sovereign - Rear Admiral Kelly USS Victory - Intrepid - Captain Hurne

Each of these ships has a strong command team, and it is hoped that they will remain active for the coming year. As to the launching of additionally ships, as command staff is readies UFOP will launch ships. One lesson learned from last year is that it does not pay to rush the creation of sim sites.

Moving into next year, UFOP will continue community building. Already a third chat called, 'Chit Chat' has been added on Wednesday nights. You can look forward to an award ceremony later in the year, as well as the return of the Reporter. Additionally, upgrades are planned on UFOP RPG site, the next of which is an updated Intelligent Lifeform Index. Lastly, in March the Captain's Council will take up a topic long discussed on the UFOP OOC board, a back-ground plot for the entire fleet!

The Executive Council of UFOP would like to take a moment to confirm the promotions of the following officers:

- Commander Wellesley to Captain - Captain Adler Aquiss to Fleet Captain - Captain Xan Hebron to Fleet Captain - Fleet Captain Hollis to Rear Admiral

Administration Positions for 2380 are as follows:

EC Members - Fleet Admiral Wolf - Rear Admiral Kelly - Rear Admiral Hollis - Fleet Captain Aquiss - Fleet Captain Hebron

CAL (Captain At Large) - To be determined

Magistrates - Fleet Admiral Wolf (Continuing), Executive Council - Captain Hurne (Continuing), Captain's Council

Finally, we'd like to thank you for making UFOP: StarBase 118 the best Trek RPG on the web. We couldn't have done it without our devoted members, and our tireless command staff. Let's keep up the amazing spirit for many years to come!

The Executive Council

Feb 16, 2003

Server Move in Progress

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

As of 2:15pm EST, on Sunday Feb. 16th, UFOP: StarBase 118 website is in the process of moving to a new server.

Our files are transferred over, but transferring our "Name Server" takes approximately 24-48 hours. (The Name Server is what points your browser to our actual website when you put our URL into your browser.) During this next 24-48 hours you may have trouble reaching the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at: twolf@... . Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Feb 22, 2003

Reporter Issue #42 Released

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

A new issue of The Reporter has been released, and is now available on our website. This content-packed issue has a Relationship theme, in honor of Valentine's Day!

Mar 13, 2003

Message Boards

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

Please understand that we ARE aware of the problem on the UFOP Message Boards. We are working with phpBB support to fix the problem. Please be patient while we sort this out. We hope to have the boards back online within the next few days.

Mar 18, 2003

Message Boards - Online Again

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

The message boards are online again. You can access them at:

Or through the links on the main page of our website. We again apologize for the long down time.

Apr 4, 2003

What's Going On Lately?! - UPDS/Forums Outtage

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

As you may have noticed, there have been a number of instances in the past six months where our website has not been completely available. The UFOP staff is very aware of this, and we wanted to inform you folks of what's going on.

In January, we talked with the support network of our provider, who had suggested that we move to a different server on their network to have access to more features, more hard-drive space, and more bandwidth. We agreed to pay a slightly higher fee, with the understanding that this was actually a better deal for our money.

The move to the other server took over two months to complete -- a painfully long time. Our provider was consistently slow to respond to our inquiries about the move to the server, and in general were completely unhelpful. The move was completed early last month, and since then, our website has been slower to access, and our support has been as bad, if not worse, than it was before.

As of today, it appears that the data in our UPDS system, as well as our forums, are unaccessible. The information stored in these two areas was apparently not moved over to the new server, even though we were told more than once that it had been. Our old account on the previous server has now been deleted, in our provider's effort to clean out their system, and we may now have lost the information there.

We have contacted support at our provider to inquire if that information is still available in a backup copy of our data. Again, please be aware that we are working as quickly as possible to fix this problem. We do realize there is a problem, and we can only work as fast as our provider will respond.

Apr 27, 2003

Server Update: UPDS/Forums

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

With most of our move to a new server complete, I have some good news and some bad news to report...


The UPDS and the forums are back online. You can find them at their regular URLS, or through the UFOP website.


Our previous provider messed up in a big way when they restored our information after an issue on their end. We lost all data that had been added to both the UPDS and forums since January.

That being the case, I'd ask that everyone please head to the UPDS immediately and update your profile. The URL is, as always:

As for the forums, we simply have to pick up where we left off ;)

And finally, as a side note: you can now access our website from AND www.starbase118.COM ! :)

May 5, 2003

Tactical Data Report - April

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

Hello Fleet!

I wanted to get this out as soon as possible, so instead of just posting it to the website and forwarding y'all the URL, I'm just attaching this month's Tactical Data Report. As you may remember, the TDR is now monthly, and complements the bi-monthly "UFOP Reporter". The TDR includes ship plot summaries, fleet promotions, and an article or two on some Trek stuff. The Reporter, on the other hand, will take a more "magazine" approach to SIMming, and our organization. We hope to have the next issue of the Reporter out by the end of May.

Anyway, the staff hopes you enjoy this edition of the TDR! Look for it online within a few weeks.

(Non-Formatted edition is below. Formatted edition is attached as a Word .doc)


Tactical Data Report

Tactical Analysis

After years of dealing with the fall out of the Dominion War, the Fleet of SB118 has turned its attention back towards Exploration and Diplomacy. Exciting discoveries and political initiatives abound.

Still, threats remain. The near destruction of the Cardasian Order has created conditions ripe for terrorist and criminal organizations within their former territory. Star Fleet continues to aid the Cardasian government with shipments of equipment and supplies.

Recent internal struggles within the Romulan Star Empire will have an impact on the uneasy peace between them and their former allies. It is to early to tell what the results will be. As always when dealing with the Romulans �Vigilance�is key.

R. Admiral Hollis

Mission Reports

Black Tower �The Better Part Of Valor Is Discretion.�

Current Mission Classified

Independence �A Little Revolution Is Good Every Now and Then.�

On Star date 238001.16, the USS KODIAK and INDEPENDENCE joined forces to conduct a search and salvage mission within the Bad Lands. The two Star Fleet vessels were to search that area of space for three Cardassian Haulers, which were known to be carrying different resources stolen from Bajor during the Occupation. The Bajoran Government asked Star Fleet to recover the Haulers and return the goods to them. While the vessels searched for the haulers, an away team was sent to the nearby planet, Olidia Minor to consult with the Bajoran Vedeks of Halru Temple.

The search for the haulers came to an end as the ships discovered where the three Cardassian vessels had crashed. Another team was sent down to the planet, where they made contact with the descendents of the crews from the haulers. The team discovered a number of Bajorans were also trapped on the planet, Hareous Prime, along with the Cardassians. The KODIAK beamed the survivors of the crash on board, as both away teams returned to their ships.

After a layover at DS9 for leave, the Independence has been reassigned to a new Task Force designed to increase Starfleet presence along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Under the Command of Cmd Kare'en, the Independence has been ordered to investigate a loss of communication with Survey Station 2743.

Meanwhile, a small crew of 6 officers led by Cpt Anassasi aboard the Shuttle Smokey, has been ordered to investigate the disappearance of several top Starfleet Ambassadors assigned to various systems along the Neutral Zone. Once investigations have concluded, the Smokey will rendezvous with the Independence at Ferridian Prime, an M class planet located near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Kodiak �Mission First, People Always�

800101 �A new Norway Class Kodiak is commissioned.

800115 �USS Kodiak joins the USS Independence in search of 3 Cardasian Treasure Ships lost 50 years ago in the Bad Lands.

800301 - The Kodiak has just finished leave to Bajor and now is enroute to system V13033 to investigate a find of the Ushana prospecting vessel Prospero. The prospero was surveying the uninhabited system V13033, when they detected what they thought was a great find on the last planet of the system. Further, investigation revealed a small dark icy planet roughly the size of a small moon. ((OOC �Think Pluto )) The non existent atmosphere focusing on what appears to be a frost cover city. Slowly you realize that it is a ship embedded into the planet. The Ushana have a taboo against defiling the dead, so they will not engage in salvage. However, they were willing to pass on the information, and so, Kodiak was sent to investigate.

Nemesis "They Have Sown the Wind, and They Shall Reap The Whirlwind."

Out of Contact Due to Ion Storm

Paladin �The Power to Mete Justice�

PALADIN currently on station, classified location, near approaches to system Kalvar Gate. Our role is to intercept a suspected Nalguran attack on KG-3, where negotiations between the Federation and Ehrud over the future of KG-3 are taking place.

SB118 �The Important Thing Is This: To Be Able At Any Moment To Sacrifice What We are For What We Could Become.�

Currently we are in a two fold mission. Since joining the Starbase, Commander Fire-Claw is taking the USS Dominance into an anomoly which leads to an alternate part of the Galaxy. It is unknown as to exact location of the exit to the anomoly. Admiral Marlin has joined this mission as a diplomatic officer to this new area. This is for a three month mission.

The rest of the starbase crew are currently going to Betazed to pick up three scientists. They will return to the Starbase and look into what happened on Daris II colony.


After completing an investigation of a rogue Cardassian movement called Morning Star in the Vellin sector, the USS ISANNAH was decommissioned, and the crew was transferred to the newly constructed Galaxy class vessel the USS STEADFAST NCC-31999. Commanding Officer Commander Christopher Hutton was simultaneously promoted to the rank of Captain. However, during the period of transfer, FO Lcmd. Ssa-Ruuk revealed to Captain Hutton a covert arrangement to send Ensign Michael Lee, a security officer aboard the ISANNAH, into the Gorn Confederacy to extract members of Ssa-Ruuk's family that he believed to be in danger. As discipline for this direct breach in the chain of command, Lcmd. Ssa-Ruuk was demoted to the rank of Lt. and assigned as Chief of Security aboard the STEADFAST.

Once the STEADFAST was officially commissioned, it was immediately assigned to escort a delegation from a race known as the DaBliss to the planet of Zamakon II for negotiations to enter the United Federation of Planets. An away team lead by newly promoted Lcmd. T'Pen, was sent to prepare the diplomacy site on Zamakon II, but was waylaid by an interdiction field that crashed their shuttle, the USS Staffordshire, on an unknown world, and lead to a violent encounter with some of the local residents.

While Captain Hutton and the crew of the STEADFAST delayed the transport of the DaBliss delegates to account for a loss of communication with the away team, Lt. Ssa-Ruuk lead a second away team that successfully located and transported the first away team to Zamakon II. However, the Staffordshire was lost in the process.

Now, while the away teams finally complete both arrangements and security measures on Zamakon II, a member of the DaBliss delegation has been taken hostage on the STEADFAST by a DaBliss infiltrator.

Titan �The Keeper of the Flame.�

800315 - The Titan is repaired but still stuck 123 years into the future. We are currently examaning data collected from Star Fleet HQ and Titan base(a base devoted to time travel). We have a prisoner from the time Pirates who abducted Kelly and T'Von. We are questioning him to try and find out what we can do to help the Admiral.

800405 - The USS Titan is back in our time. Ad. Kelly found away to return to the correct time line before the Titan was sweeped out of the time line. He signaled us and stopped us from making the decision that launched us into the incorrect time line. We are currently taking on new recruits and repairing the ship.

Victory �Honi Y Soit Qui Mal Y Pence�

The Victory's shore leave to Risa has been cut short by distress call from the Tegus system. 6 months ago Starfleet dispatched a science team of 27 scientists to study the binary stars over an extended period. After being dropped off with their gear they were to study the stars for the next 3 years.

Upon arrival, the team found a small colony of humans on Borum. Just over a hundred colonist live here. When questioned it is unclear how they got to Borum. They have been there for at least 3 generations, perhaps a colony ship crashed or an un logged colony posted. 8 Days ago the food supply was contaminated by who or what it is unclear.

The Victory is prepping two away teams to investigate.

Fleet Promotions

USS Independence

Lieutenant Jg. Li�k V�doo

Lieutenant Danny Wilde

Lieutenant Johnathan Kirov

Lieutenant Horne Makra

Lieutenant Caleb Zaahn

Lieutenant Carmen Rogers

Lieutenant Jalek Trollin

Commander Kare�en

USS Kodiak

Lieutenant Jg. Isabel Kenzi

Lieutenant Jg. Tanya Rhea

Lieutenant Sam Nigel Perkins

Lieutenant Solok


Lieutenant Jg. Waltas Lieutenant Jg. Warry Lieutenant Jg. Twelve Lieutenant jg. Pulak Lieutenant Jg. KitiganZibi Lieutenant Hilzarie Lieutenant Stone Lieutenant Drawoh Lieutenant Maximoff Lieutenant Danar Lt. Commander Yavanna Lt. Commander Dodge

USS Steadfast

Lieutenant Jg. Jacob Phoenix

Lt. Commander T'Pen

Lieutenant Jg. T'Parh

Lieutenant Jg. Andrew Baldauf

Captain Christopher Hutton

USS Victory

Lieutenant Jg. Mara Redoria

Lieutenant Jg. Bowden Hapgood

Lieutenant Jg. Cristobal Colon

Lieutenant Makal Kora

Lieutenant Bryant Zovyx

Lieutenant Xanyr

Lieutenant Stevok

Lieutenant Nadia Kobar

Lt. Commander Heath Story

Lt. Commander Megan Parker

USS Titan

Commander F. Nova

Commander T. Draigon

Continuous Fleet Training

The Tactical Department

In Character Information (IC)

The Tactical Department anticipates and responds to threats against the vessel. Their three best resources are Star Fleet Intelligence Reports, the Star Fleet Tactical Data Base, and ship scanners.

Daily SFI issues reports on the movements of enemy and ally ships along with analysis of developing treats. While available to all command staff, it is expected that Chief and Assistant Tactical officers will review and pass along any relevant details.

The SFI reports, along with the findings of individual ships make up the SF Tactical Data base. This library houses information on foreign ships, governments, and military history. It is copied to the computer core and updated periodically on each Star Fleet vessel.

All vessels have a sub set of their scanners devoted to tactical concerns. The sophistication of these routines varies on the vessels primary mission. The bridge tactical officer scans continually for other vessels, and records all encounters.

During combat situations tactical officers reports results of scans to the ship�s chief officer, and implements ordered responses. In this capacity the bridge tactical officers will raise shields, fire weapons, and engage in electronic countermeasures.

Day to day activities consists of reviewing SF reports, maintaining weapons, and reporting contact with other vessels.

Out of Character Advice (OOC)

What to do when a new simmer arrives?

Unlike Medical, Security, or Counseling the Tactical Officers have no direct role in greeting new officers to the Kodiak. Unless the officer is a tactical officer, contact will be more of an informal �Welcome�aboard nature. Every officer is encouraged to go out of their way to say hello to new recruits.

What to do at a mission briefing?

Tactical Officers attending mission briefings should be prepared to point out general threats the ship may encounter. Examples include briefing the crew on enemy ships in the area, past incursions, or governmental instabilities just to begin with. Keep in mind science will be discussing natural and cultural history and Security threats to personnel. Try not to take away from another department.

What to do in battle?

Ship to ship combat is one of the hardest events for any officer to sim. This is no less true for tactical. Using sensor reports one can develop a image of the battle giving enemy ship positions and armaments. When firing weapons, the tactical officer can report damage to enemy ships. While tactical officers tend to report shield strength, actual damage control and repairs fall to security and engineering respectively.

What to do if you can�t think of anything to sim?

Sim normal repairs to weapons systems.

Pick up an anomalous sensor reading

Receive an interesting if irrelevant report from SFI

Do back ground sims for a member of tactical staff.

Explore weapons up grade options.

Special Advice!

Tactical vs Security

Be aware of the difference between tactical and security. Tactical is concerned with the large picture, and the safety of the ship. They could be compared to the state department, and military. Security�s focus is upon personnel safety. They act as Search and Rescue, Police, and Guards. Like Tactical, Security receives reports from SFI, but their reports concentrate on internal Federation threats.

There is some overlap between security and tactical. For example, if a ship dispatches ground troops those forces are likely to be security officers commanded by the Chief or Assistant Security officer. Coordination of the security forces is likely to be guided by Tactical from the bridge. Tactical is best suited for scanning the surface, and relaying information to the ground team, as well as providing air cover in the form of ship phasers.

Know your weapons.

Great depth can be added to a battle sim by thinking critically about the tools available.

Quantum Torpedoes

These are the most powerful weapons Star Fleet have. They used a forced singularity to release a fantastic amount of destructive energy. They should be treated much like present day nuclear weapons. Quantum torpedoes are used as a distance to destroy other vessels.

Photon Torpedoes

Anti-matter and Matter mix to create a powerful explosion that can be equivalent to a nuclear explosion in power. By varying the amount of anti-matter one can vary the intensity of the explosion. Typically one would not use Photon torpedoes on ground targets, or close in.

Phasers come in 3 types, Phasers; Phaser Canon; and Pulse Canon.

Phasers are similar to lasers but extend across energy wave lengths. They are very accurate capable of targeting specific ship systems or ground installations. They are the most typical of Star Fleet weapons.

Phaser Canons are less accurate, but deliver the same amount of energy or punch as conventional phasers in a shorter time period. They overwhelm shield and armor. Phaser Cannons are rarely used by Star Fleet out side of the Norway Class.

Pulse Canons are used on the Defiant Class. A highly refined form of the Phaser Canon, Pulse Canons exploit the fact the first shock of phasers compromise shields the most. By staggering phaser fire it is much easier to bring down shields. Pulse Canon are for close in exchanges, and do not target specific systems. They like the Quantum torpedo are ship killing weapons.

Tactical Ship Analysis

Galor Class �Cardassian Warship

(Reprinted from Star Trek Starship Spotter for educational purpose. Pocket Books.)


The primary combat and defense vessel for the Cardassian union is the Galor Class spacecraft. The primary role this ship played has been as an instrument of Cardassian military policy. While not perceived as a particularly effective research vessel by Federation observers the Galor class combat performance is extremely impressive, particularly for a ship of its size. The Galor class has also been utilized as a troop transport vessel, an escort ship, and orbital assault platform, and a blockade vessel.


A smaller ship relative to many of the other vessels of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers, the Galor class is highly effective. Like other Cardassian vessels, the Galor class is recognizable for its unusual war nacelle configuration. The nacelles are mount in the wings at the forward section of the ship. Also unusual is the design of the spiral wave disruptors. This unique and effective weapon system has posed significant tactical challenges for many vessels engaging a Galor class spacecraft.


The Galor class spacecraft was first encountered by Starfleet forces during the Cardassian conflict of the 2350s. At the time, Cardassian and Starfleet force appeared to be evenly matched. Typical Cardassian Strategy involved gaining an early advantage and exploiting that position to gain victory by overwhelming an opponent. Another advantage the Cardassians had was Starfleet�s lack of knowledge about Cardassian military technology. Cardassian vessels have dampening fields and special shielding which were developed to block sensor scans. Many ship commanders unilaterally decided that if their vessels were damaged in battle beyond the ability to retreat, they ordered the destruction of their vessels.

The Cardassian Union eventually ceased hostilities with Starfleet and withdrew. Contact with the Federation was kept to a minimum for more than a decade while the Cardassian union rebuilt and augmented its fleet. Any attempt by Starfleet to learn more about ship design was foiled by the considerable prowess of the Obsidian Order.

By the Dominion War, Starfleet still knew very little about Cardassian military capabilities. When the Cardassian Union allied itself with the Dominion against the Federation and the Klingon Empire, the results were devastating for the forces of Starfleet.

Now enjoying a more peaceful and direct contact with the Cardassian Union, the Federation has begun to learn much more about Cardassian spacecraft. Among the first pieces of information exchanged was the meaning of the class name Galor. While not a strategically valuable piece of intelligence, this open offering of information was symbolic of a new era of friendship between the two former enemies. Galor was a hooded warrior from Cardassian mythology. Galor commanded great respect among his people for his victories in battle.


Overall Length: 229.5 meters

Overall Beam: 118.7 meters

Overall Draft: 38.1 meters

Displacement: 412,930 metric tons

Crew Complement: 300


Cruising: Warp Factor 5

Maximum: Warp Factor 9.6


Standard Mission: 3 years

Refit: 7 years

Propulsion Systems:

Warp: (2) Tyoe 5 DC Warp Drive Units

Impulse: (3) Hydrogen Energy Impulse Units

Known Weapons

8 Spiral Wave Disruptor Mounts

1 Aft-Mount Disruptor-Wave Cannon

Primary Computer System: Classified

Primary Computer System: Classified

Deflector Systems: Unknown

Support Craft

15 Fighters and Shuttlecraft (various classes)

Jun 5, 2003

Tactical Data Report

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

The latest Tactical Data Report for the fleet is now available online! You can find it in Rich Text Format (readable by any Microsoft compatible computer) at:

When prompted, just click "Save" to save it to your computer, or "Open" to view it directly in your viewer.

It will be formatted into HTML and moved into the TDR area by the end of June. Hope you enjoy :)

Aug 1, 2003

Tactical Data Report - July

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

The TDR for July is online in the TDR archive, found here:

Here's some announcements from that TDR, to perk your interest ;)

1. Introducing the StarFleet Corps of Engineers: This new group addresses Engineers of UFOP: StarBase 118, as well as anyone interested in similar fields of SIMming in our group. The group has plans to regularly discuss Treknology, and put out an Annual Engineering Journal for the fleet. If you're interested, head to their forum.

2. The Science Exchange Forum and the Readers of UFOP: Along similar lines, there are also two other groups addressing IC issues. These include the Science Exchange Forum which is for those folks who are science officers, and perhaps even medical officers, and would like to discuss issues of science. Their forum is the primary source of information for this group - . The Readers group is for those members of our organization whose characters are Telepaths or Empaths. That group discusses T/E, powers, limitations, writing for these characters, etc. They mostly meet in their forum - .

3. Web Design Team: If you have knowledge of any field of web design, we'd love your help! This group is redeveloping the ship websites, and has plans in the future to completely revamp the main website of our group. If you're interested, you can go to their Ygroup to sign up.

4. Advertising Team: Along similar lines, we also have a group of people brainstorming ways to spread the word about our group more efficiently. Anyone is welcome to join at their Ygroup page.

5. Slipstream Top 250 Trek Sites: The Staff would like to send out many thanks to Lt. Nathan Baker of the Titan for contacting the administrator of the Slipstream 250 to clear up a certain *ahem* error with the ballot system. *Cough*ballotstuffing*cough*. We can now, fairly, return to the #1 position!! Don't forget to help us get back on top by voting ONCE every 24 hours at this URL: .

6. Note about Forums: Unfortunately, since the last TDR, we've had an "attack" on our boards by someone with too much time on their hands. As such, we have been forced to "close" our boards to non-members. If you are not registered, you will be able to view the forums, but not the threads within the forums. We urge everyone to register, if they have not done so already, as the boards have undergone a bit of a renaissance lately! Things are really bustling, and if you're not checking regularly, you're missing out on a lot of fun... T'preen, McKenzie (MAC!), Aquiss (GRANNY!), Stevok (That guy with the scary face...), Danny Wilde, Caleb Zaahn (MFE!), McCall, Rourke, Idril, Nathan Baker, Jose Habaq (HANDBAG!), the gang's all here. Where have you been? :) .

7. Interstellar Book Exchange: Have some Trek books that are taking up space? Trade them with members of the fleet! Head to the Insterstellar Book Exchange on the forums to list books, or trade the ones you have with others!

8. Did you know you can also access our website from: ?

"Good SIMming to all, and to all a Good Night!"

Aug 2, 2003

Forums Offline Temporarily

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

The decision has been made that we must move to a new forum system. Although phpBB has treated us well for a while, we've found it to be simply too far lacking in features critical to our group. Furthermore, the multitude of "mods" (plug-ins) that have been installed on our forums have left them unsecure, unstable, and vulnerable to attack.

As such, we have converted our boards to a new software package. Although the conversion itself is complete (all forums, posts, usernames and passwords HAVE been carried over), we still need to reconfigure forum permissions and other such things. Please bear with us while we complete this change-over. We hope to have the boards back online by Saturday Aug 2nd at 5:00pm (EST).

Aug 3, 2003

Boards Back Online

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

The new version of the Forums IS online. There are a number of things that need to be mentioned however. Please read carefully:

1. You DO NOT need to re-register. As long as you had an account as of Friday, August 1st, you can simply log in using your regular username/password.

2. Yes, we do realize the boards look different. We are in the process of converting our template/theme/style to the software of the new boards. This may take a day or two, so please bear with us and use the ugly style until we can get our old styles back online :)

3. AS SOON AS YOU LOG IN: Please click on "My Controls" near the top of the boards. On the left hand side of this screen, there are a number of links that are of importance: - Edit Profile Info (update your profile) - Edit Signature (make sure your signature looks right) - Edit Avatar settings (make sure your avatar is working) - Email Settings (set up options for how the board emails you) - Board Settings (edit general board settings)

All in all, going through those screens should take no more than about 10 minutes. This is important to ensure that everyone's information is up to date and displaying properly.

4. A word on signatures: Many people on the old boards used signatures in which they defined a font size. phpBB (our old boards), used ACTUAL font sizes in their coding. So, if you set a bit of text to font size 8, it would be pretty small. However, Invision uses their own sizing standards, So, "small" text is 1, etc. Please check your sigs to make sure they're adhering to the new system, or your sig will be HUGE!

5. Error in polls: We DO realize that the polls from the old boards aren't working properly. There is no need to report this error to us.

5. PLEASE REPORT ERRORS: If you find any (other) errors or issues, please report them immediately to me at this address (t.wolf@...).

Check out: for a list of some of the board's great new features. And finally: Have fun! We hope you enjoy the new boards!

Nov 14, 2003

Awards Ceremony Nomination Period Begins

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

It's once again time for the UFOP: StarBase 118 to celebrate and honor the SIMmers that help make our organization great. The UFOP Award Ceremony has been a tradition for many years now, which we wish to carry on as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our members.

As the old adage goes, "better late than never." Here too, it applies. Although we are a bit behind schedule this year, the awards ceremony is still a priority in the staff's mind. The nomination period will begin today, at 12:00 noon, EST. It will remain open until Wendesday, November 26th at midnight.

It's now up to you to place your nominations for those folks who you feel best represent what UFOP is all about. To begin this process head to the following URL:

You will find a complete summary of all the available awards, as well as information on the ceremony process itself. Take a few minutes to read through the awards and decide who of your colleagues is deserving of commendation.

Once you have formulated some ideas, head to the UPDS, at:

Log in under your username, and click on the link which says "Award Nominations Panel". (It's near the top in the "General Info" category.) On this page, you'll find two different forms. The first form is used to nominate any person in UFOP for a "General" or "Duty Post" award. The second form is used to nominate a staff member for a "Staff" award. Be sure to follow the directions listed with each of the forms. It's critical to our reviewing committee that they have enough information to decide who is best deserving of each award.

Once the nomination period has ended it'll take about a week or two for us to sort through the nominations and organize them properly. After that, captains will have the chance to begin ceremonies on their ships, and we will release the names of the winners for all the awards.

Don't forget that you can contact FltAdml. Wolf at <t.wolf@...> if you have any questions. Good luck to everyone!

Nov 24, 2003

Last Chance for Nominations

  • FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

The nomination period ends for the 2003 Awards Ceremony on Wednesday the 26th at midnight. If you haven't put in your nomination for your fellow shipmates (or perhaps your deserving captain?), now's the time! Head to: to take a look at what awards are available and then to the UPDS ( ) to put in your nominations. Time is running out! :)

If you have any questions, e-mail me, FltAdml. Wolf at t.wolf@... .