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The Androni were a xenophobic and tyrannical species from the Jaephe system in the Par'tha Nebula in the Par'tha Expanse.

Approximately 20,000 years ago the Miloa, who had been in control of the surrounding space, discovered the Androni and their homeworld. Within a decade the entire Miloan civilization was destroyed. Not a trace of their existence was left behind. The Androni disagreed with peace, and with cooperative unions with other races. Likewise the Karellon, who had controlled the expanse before the Miloa took control, were wiped out because the Androni saw them as a dying race that had not been strong enough to hold on to its empire. The Androni went on a rampage. Only a few of the regions species survived the decimation, and their numbers were sparse and scattered. They fled outward, galactically speaking, away from the Par'tha Nebula and the Androni terror.

The tyrannical rule of the Androni lasted for 2,000 years, until the coming of the Braemar. The Braemar were a noble race, and the first race in the region to have faster than light travel, which was a huge advantage in their war with the Androni. Hit and Fade tactics using warp speed allowed the Braemar to quickly gain the upper hand in the war, until traitors and spies managed to get the secret of faster than light travel to the Androni. What was originally going to be a short war was dragged out and lasted for almost 100 years. Both civilizations were nearly destroyed before the Braemar finally won.

The Braemar were content to allow the Androni to survive as a species, but the Androni could not live in a region of space where they were not in control. Their civilization left the war torn region and headed galactically rimward. Nothing further is known of what became of the Androni.