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Most Wanted


Ana'Duek is an Orion Kingpin with a personal hatred against Wallace Williams, and will try anything in his power to get rid of Wallace, including going after his family and friends. This Kingpin has made public threats to kill anything this officer cares about, including people who even share the same interest.

While there have been operations to catch this Kingpin, they have all failed due to this Kingpin's resourceful nature and escape plans, resulting in this criminal being called "a slippery bastard".

This kingpin's known enterprises are not limited to weapons smuggling, but also include the slave trade, torture, murder, prostitution, and extortion as well as 'Leasing Piracy Grounds"

ANY ENCOUNTER OF Ana'Duek or his enterprises should be reported to Starfleet Intelligence and Federation Security Immediately! This criminal should always be regarded as Highly Dangerous.