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“The Bird of Hermes is my name.”

Kohta Hirano

Crew of the USS Gorkon


Commander Alucard Vess

Commander Alucard Elrich Vess is currently retired to his lake house on Duronis II.



DOB: circa 2136
Age: appears 38 (see personal history)
True Age: 264
Race: Human Augment (Records sealed - Level 5)
Adopted Homeworld: New Caledonia

Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 5"
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Black (Note: In lieu of the mandatory sunglasses required on Duronis II, Alucard developed a set of self-polarizing contact lenses. These give his pupils and irises a solid gold color when he is out in the sun.)
Hair Color: Brown
Hair style: Short
Scars/Marks: Many tattoos, including St. George and the Dragon on his left calf, and a phoenix design on his right calf, a modified caduceus on his left forearm, and a seascape including Laudean Sea Dragons on his left ribcage. His latest is the number 413 surrounded by scrollwork bearing the phrase "Never Forgotten". It is in memorium of the 413 souls lost during the USS Gorkon's travels through an alternate universe.
Voice: Speaks with a mild Scottish accent. It gets thicker around other Caledonians, such as his father
Religion: Atheist, despite his fathers wishes.
Preferred Uniform Style: Standard uniform.
Alias: John Doe 2375-118, Erik Jansen


Mannerisms: Has a penchant for getting lost in deep thought, getting a “spaced out” look to his face.

Temperament: Quiet, easy to get along with. Does have a temper, which does not seem to be tied to any one trigger.

Habits: Likes loud music.

Hobbies and Pastimes: Piloting. Searching for his past. Playing computer games.

Alucard is very quiet and hard to get to know. He keeps a list of “trustables” which ranges from 10 to 12 people. Once you gain his trust he is very open and friendly. He is incredibly smart, able to complete complex calculations without the aid of a computer. Doctors are unable to account for this, although Alucard suspects they are hiding something from him. In fact, he can’t even access his own medical records, as for some reason they have been classified.

Has an eidetic memory.

Dislikes anyone threatening or running rough-shod over his staff. Will get in your face if you do.

Favorite Quotes

"And I shall do no harm." ~ Hippocrates

Family & Friends

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Personal History

Alucard Vess is a bit of a mystery, even to himself. He was discovered on an old abandoned science station by the crew of the USS Rodimus on stardate 237311.23. He was found in a stasis pod directly connected to the stations auxiliary solar panels, the rest of the station was lifeless. The station's computer had been wiped, all the Rodimus crew could ascertain was the stations designation (Tech-9, written on the stations hull) and it’s age via isotope dating (roughly 200 years of age). It is unknown at what point during the stations 200 year history that Alucard was placed in his pod, as he himself has no memories before being reawakened. He appears to be a tall terran boy of about 10 years of age when he is reawakened.

The ship's helmsman, Alfons Vess, takes pity on the boy and adopts him, giving him a name. Alfons is fond of Anime films, and so chooses Alucard for the boys name, after a character from his favorite series. Since his true birthdate is unknown, they use the date of his discovery as his birthday, November 23. Alucard lives with his adoptive father for the next seven years, when he is accepted to one of the Academys satellite campuses, at the approximate age of 17. He chooses to major in medical and to minor in Helm like his father.

See OTHER WRITINGS for more.

In 2380 (age 15) Alucards girlfriend of one year Alicia Macsen, daughter of the ships stellar cartographer, becomes pregnant. Even though the circumstances were less than ideal, they decide to marry and raise their child the best they can. Tragically, 5 months later Alicia miscarries, losing the baby. Already suffering from bipolar disorder, this blow is too much for Alicia to bear, and she takes her own life. Alucard sinks into a long depression, which ends when Alucard decides to get his first tattoo to commemorate his lost fiance and what would have been his daughter, feeling that a dose of outer pain would help dull the devastating inner pain. A phoenix destroying the clock of time, it becomes the first of many.

On stardate 238906.11 Alucard proposes to his girlfriend Angie Reynolds. She accepts, and the couple are now engaged.

Alucards father visits on 238906.24. He reveals to Alucard everything he had learned about Alucard, that Alucards mother was an associate of Dr. Arik Soong, and that he was actually a remnant of the Eugenics Wars. Alucard is, in fact, a genetically engineered human created in the year 1996 known as an Augment. The biologist known as Amanda Jansen helped Soong steal several frozen Augment embryos, keeping one for herself. She impregnated herself with the embryo, and nine months later, in 2136, she gave birth to a child she named Erik, who would later be frozen. Alucard is in fact Erik Jansen, and following a bad fall, now has unlocked memories of his childhood.

So far, only his father, his wife, and Rear Admiral Turner know of his secret, outside of Starfleet Command.

Medical History

Medical Record


Starfleet Records


Origins Dr. Vesses awakening and search for belonging


Personal Non-Player Characters

Favorite SIMs

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Lt Cmdr Alucard Vess: The Truth Part One -More Than Human
Lt Cmdr Alucard Vess: The Truth Part Two - The one that is, and the one that could have been
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