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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Commander Alucard Vess
Alucard Vess PNPCs
Insignia Rank Portrait Character Name Gender and Species Current Position Status
STO WO Teal.jpg Warrant Officer Red Elk avatar.jpg Sarah Red Elk Female Human Nurse Active
STO LtCommander Yellow.jpg Lieutenant Commander Ltcmdr Brakur p.jpg Turc Brakur Male Brikar Communications Officer Active
STO Lieutenant Yellow.jpg Lieutenant Michael Stolz Michael Stolz Male Human Communications Officer Active
STO LtCommander Black.jpg Lieutenant Commander Katie-Vayne.png Kathryn Vayne Female Human Sector Intelligence Officer Active
STO PO1st Yellow.jpg Petty Officers 1st Class Noimage.jpg 7C1 and 7C2 Bynar Systems Analysts/Programmers Active
STO WO Blue.jpg Warrant Officers Noimage.jpg Janus and Pella Male and Female Dolphins Stellar Cartographers Active
STO Blank Silver.jpg Rona'toran Vess Alt.jpg Erik Jansen (alternate) Male Human CO Dominion Battleship B937 Deceased
STO Blank Silver.jpg Civilian Noimage.jpg Elnor Jell Female Zalkonian Former Chief Engineer Inactive
STO Blank Silver.jpg Civilian Noimage.jpg Dezon Male Zaldean Civilian Inactive