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Alpha numerics

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The Alpha Numerics are a mysterious organization encountered by the crew of the USS Constitution-B in a damaged-timeline version of the 1969 Woodstock Festival on Earth.

First Encounter

The Alpha Numerics were initially encountered by the crew of the Starfleet vessel USS Constitution-B after a failed hyper-warp experiment conducted on 238710.24 left the crew jumping randomly through time. Their presence caused significant damage to the course of Earth history and it would seem that the Alpha Numerics were there in an effort to repair the temporal damages.

It is assumed that this was the first encounter between Starfleet and the Alpha Numerics, but given their ability to manipulate space and time, a definitive answer is impossible.


Through cryptic hints given by Mister One, it has been surmised that the Alpha Numerics are from the far future and are responsible for maintaining the integrity of historical timelines and keeping them free of contamination.


It was explained that the four individuals encountered by the Constitution crew represented the Numerics half of the Alpha Numerics. These individuals were as follows:

  • Mister One
  • Mister Three
  • Mister Five (deceased)
  • Mister Eight

It would seem that the numeral assigned to the individual corresponds to their rank within the organization, with Mister One being the senior member of the Numerics and, presumably, the leader of the Alphas would be designated "A." As no member of the Alphas has been encountered to this point, it is unknown whether they also go by "Mister" or use some other title in conjunction with their designated letter.