Alexander O'Conner

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Starbase 118 Ops
Alexander O'Conner
Position Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human/Bajoran
Gender Male
DOB 236601.01
Age 31
Birthplace USS Independence

Ensign Alexander O'Conner is a medical officer aboard StarBase 118 Ops.


  • Full name: Alexander Keane O'Conner
  • Nickname: Alex
  • Hair color:
  • Eye color:
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight:
  • Physical appearance:

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239502.06 - Present StarBase 118 Ops Medical Officer
Ensign 239401.22 - 239401.30 USS Veritas Medical Officer


  • Parents:
    • Father: Aedan Edmond O’Conner
    • Mother: O’Conner Fuliar Alenis (Bajoran naming convention), Alenis O’Conner (Federation Standard naming convention)
  • Siblings:
  • Spouse:
  • Children:

Pre-Commissioning History

Alex was born on the USS Independence (New Orleans class). From there his family moved around to many other starships and planets where his parents accepted assignments. It was an adventurous life to say the least. He received high education from his father and his fellow science officers. The O’Conners had a natural knack for science and excelled in the subject. As a young boy, his favorite classes were science and history. His father would allow him to accompany him on non-hazardous science expeditions. Aedan had high hopes to see Alex join Starfleet as a scientist. Aedan was a highly accomplished scientist who was largely known in the Federation’s scientific community.

As Alex grew older, his interests seemed to gravitate towards his mother. Alenis joined Starfleet during the Dominion War. She missed out on most of the action due to attending the academy. Her family was always strong willed and had a long line of warriors in the Bajoran militia with stories of heroism during the Cardassian occupation. They were not nearly well known as Aedan O’Conner is in the Federation. Alenis was a security officer in Starfleet and a superb one at that. She noticed Alex began having interest in tactics when he reached his teens. Alex participated in holodeck programs depicting battles in history. Alenis and Alex would spend time in the holodecks learning what mom had to offer. She even ran Alex through some Starfleet security training scenarios. Alex impressed Alenis with his progress.

As Alex grew older and was approaching academy age Aedan kept pushing him towards becoming a scientist. Alex did not like to be pushed into doing something, and he enjoyed training on the holodeck vs being stuck in the science lab.

Alex joined the academy as soon as he could with the recommendations by high-ranking Starfleet officers. Alex did well for his studies and naturally was high scoring in security/tactical and science. The one area he was lacking in was engineering. He understood the scientific theory of most topics, but his mechanical skills were par at best. During his third year at the academy he was petitioned by his medical and science professors to study medicine.

Alex would have been the model student, but he enjoyed an adventurous social life. He found himself in the superintendent’s office on more than one occasion. He was once threatened to be put on probation on his last visit. After realizing the O’Conner name did not make him invincible, he calmed down on his extra activities.

Professional History Before SB-118 Ops

Alex graduated from the SB-118 Academy in 2394. His initial assignment was posted to the USS Veritas as a Medical Officer. Alex was quickly thrown into the fire when he was assigned on an away mission to a heavily damaged ship. The highlight of the mission for Alex was being able to stabilize a female Klingon patient for safe transport to the Veritas’ Sickbay.

Seemingly as Alex began to settle into the crew, he was called away on a temporary duty assignment. Rear Admiral Eich had requested a Doctor to be assigned as part of his entourage to a peace conference of a war torn independent world. Since Alex was the most junior doctor on Veritas, Alex drew the proverbial short straw. Alex was a little disappointed when no one from the crew said goodbye before he departed, but he was not there long enough to make friends amongst his crewmates.

The temporary assignment was to be an easy gig. Alex had resources to assist the Starfleet delegation with almost any medical situation that may occur. RADM Eich was not a very pleasant man and was not liked by any of the Starfleet officers in his staff. The conference, for the most part, was uneventful and Eich had no skill at negotiation.

The City where negotiations were being held was war worn torn with the local civilian population suffering from all sorts of obvious declining medical conditions. After two weeks of sitting on much needed meds, Alex could not take it anymore and started providing medical aide to the civilian populace. Once Eich got word of Alex’s actions, he was ordered to cease. Alex followed orders at first, but slowly started smuggling medical supplies to local refugee camps and providing some medical services in secret.

The local Intelligence group discovered Alex’s “illegal” actions and turned him into Eich. Eich was initially going to have him dismissed from Starfleet, but knew he would face some backlash from Starfleet Medical Command. Alex was dismissed from Eich’s staff and assigned to the SB118 Medical Academy Hospital to await Court Martial. Alex’s Father, Capt. Aedan O’Conner, used what ever favors he had left with Starfleet Command officers to keep him from being sent to Court Martial. Alex and his father haven’t spoken since the incident.

Aedan may have saved Alex from Court Martial, but it did not save him from being stuck in limbo at the Academy Hospital. Alex was treated like a senior cadet with officer privileges. Alex’s duties were assisting the professors and managing cadet shifts at the hospital.

Alex spent approximately a year in what he called “medical purgatory” and even considered leaving Starfleet to start a civilian practice. In his heart he wanted to stay in Starfleet and hoped for a Captain to assign him to their command.

Writer Character History

V239401AO1 Characters and Duty Station
Insignia Rank Character Name Posting Assignment Species
DS9style-ens teal.png Doctor (Ensign) Alexander O'Conner StarBase 118 Ops Medical Officer Human/Bajoran
DS9style-ens teal.png Doctor (Ensign) Alexander O'Conner USS Veritas Medical Officer Human/Bajoran
DS9style-ens red.png Ensign James Connelly USS Mercury Helm Officer Human
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant Scott Shepard StarBase 118 Ops Marine Fighter Pilot Human
DS9style-ens gold.png Ensign Scott Shepard USS Victory Security Officer Human
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Shepard USS Ronin Asst.Chief of Security Human
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Shepard USS Independence Asst.Chief of Security Human
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Shepard USS Constitution-B Chief of Security Human