Alder Aquiss-Garveen

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Fleet Captain, Alder Aquiss-Garveen

  • Current Rank: Fleet Captain
  • Duty Post: Commanding Officer
  • Current Post: Unassigned
  • Species: El-Aurian
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: El-Auria Prime (Alternate Universe)


  • Hair Color: Long and Black
  • Eye Color: Completely Black
  • Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Family History

  • Mother: Irene (Deceased)Step-Mother - Aev
  • Father: Guscott
  • Siblings: 16 brothers and sisters unknown to Alder. Killed during Shivs attack.
  • Spouse: Katherine Erikson. (Deceased)Sandolphan Aquiss. (Deceased)
  • Children: Nathaniel-James Aquiss Mila Garveen

Personal History

The Shivs, army of the Unseely Court fully assaulted El-Auria Prime, there was one survivor - Alder as she was born a Nightdreamer and destiny held a longer lifetime for her.

She was then taken to the Seely-Court, taught the ways of the chosen three and molded into a Warrior at the tender age of four.

Alder at the age of ten commanded the Seely army, wiping out any enemies that were fighting under the banner of Unseely. Seely fast became the controlling factor and many joined in their quest to unite the warring courts or else face destruction.

Several hundred years passed and the greatest battle known took place, Seely and Unseely core finally faced each other, a battle to finish all battles. Many died, Seely themselves were nearly wiped out but due to the power of Alders’ army, the Seely won.

In the twisted hand of fate, Alder became fully blind after the war was over. Alder then had to learn new ways of living and guided by the Seely-Court, her sense became heightened but she became inward and only sat at the feet of her beloved Leaders until the other two chosen arrived and the blindness left her.

The three were then joined together, Katherine Erikson, Sandolphan Aquiss and Alder Wong. They all knew their future as the first vision of a Nightdreamer is of their own deaths and they started to build the foundations of the new Seely.

Katherine never understood her death of mental possession after childbirth as she was infertile but when romance blossomed between herself and Alder, it soon became clear that Sandolphan would impregnate Alder and in turn, Alder would give Katherine the fertile embryo to carry full term. Katherine herself became withdrawn as the birth date came closer and mental possession became evident, a ghost ship called USS Freedom had drifted into their dimension and evil entities entered the unborn mind. She gave birth totally alone and took her own life as dreamt to free the babes’ mind of its possessors. In the memory of Katherine, Alder raised the Janus male as her own while taking the act of morning.

When Nathaniel-James was old enough, Alder returned to Seely army, working along side Sandolphan. As time passed, the closer the pair became and it was soon time that Sandolphan understood his death, at the hands of his alternate.

Nathaniel-James understood his Fathers` fate and begged for his parents to be married before they departed for the other dimension, but the marriage was short lived and on the bridge of IFV Argo, Sandolphan Aquiss as foretold, died in his wife’s loving arms.

Alder and Nathaniel-James now alone in the new dimension took over the identity of her alternate, Adler and Captained USS Ronin, not many suspecting that the switch had actually taken place.

Character Data

  • Retired