Albion Mission types

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Missions for the USS Albion are exciting and varied stories evolve. Some of which could include: -

Federation Policy and Diplomacy: An Excelsior class starship can be used as an envoy during deep-space operations.

Emergency/Search and Rescue: Typical Missions include answering standard Federation emergency beacons, extraction of Federation or Non-Federation citizens in distress, retrieval of Federation or Non-Federation spacecraft in distress, small-scale planetary evacuation - medium or large scale planetary evacuation is not feasible.

Deep-space Exploration: The Excelsior class is equipped for long-range interstellar survey and mapping missions, as well as the ability to explore a wide variety of planetary classifications.

Contact with Alien Lifeforms: Pursuant to Starfleet Policy regarding the discovery of new life, facilities aboard the Excelsior class include a variety of exobiology and xenobiological suites, and a small cultural anthropology staff, allowing for limited deep-space life form study and interaction.

Ongoing Scientific Investigation: An Excelsior class starship is equipped with scientific laboratories and a wide variety of sensor probes and sensor arrays, giving her the ability to perform a wide variety of ongoing scientific investigations.

Tactical/Defensive Operations: Typical Missions include patrolling the Tholian Border, Cardassian Occupation zones, Borg interdiction missions, or protecting any Federation interest from hostile intent in planetary or interstellar conflicts.