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Agragon starships

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The Agragons are not attached to their ships like many other races are and so do not sport any individual names from their culture. They are assigned a prefix code and their production number. Only one vessel holds a unique name and that is the flagship that bears the Emperor.

Prefix Codes (From Large size to smallest)

  • B - Battleship Class - Equivalent length of a Federation Sovereign Class
  • C - Cruiser Class - Equivalent length of a galaxy Class
  • D - Destroyer Class - Equivalent length of an Intrepid Class
  • F - Frigate Class - Equivalent Length of a Nebula Class
  • P - Patrol Class - Equivalent length of a Defiant class.

Suffix Codes

At times a standard hull could be modified for a specific purpose, like a destroyer being modified as a scout or a cruiser into a carrier. Suffix codes go after the production number of the vessel. (ex. C-2983-SC.)

  • CA - Carrier
  • SB - Spaceborne Weapon - Essentially, a weapons platform. Often used for starbase raiding, as it carries upscaled grasers capable of packing a punch against more stationary targets
  • SC - Scout

Common positions found aboard Agragon starships

  • Commanding Officer - The Commanding Officer is the sole authority aboard vessel and is considered the final say in anything it does. Earned through a mixture of merit and political ties, the Commanding Officer’s success or failure dictates their stature among others.
  • First One - Equivalent to a First Officer in the Federation, the First One is there to help the captain and is usually hand picked as an apprentice. As the First One is often in the direct succession to the Marshal, it is considered the opening steps to a political career. Due to this, the Preatorian Guard often makes sure that whoever holds the position is loyal to both the government and his captain.
  • Praetorian Guard - Assigned to a captain, they are considered the masters of political maneuver and are assigned by the house that the Captain is sworn fealty to. Their job is to affirm the captain’s authority and make sure they don’t do anything that could jeopardize their position.
  • Command & Control Officer - Due to the amount of vessels that can be in a fleet, tracking movement of vessels for kinetic locks, and sensory input, this officer is dedicated to collecting it and making sure the information gets to the correct station. The key though is that the CCO improves the performance of the ship and at their death does not cripple a vessel. All officers at their stations are able to compute and collect the data, it improves efficiency to have a dedicated position.
  • Information Analyst - Rev. engineering, data mining, etc.