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  • it's orbit is approximately 346 million km from it's star
  • a terrestrial planet with a diameter of 10,533 km (6,583 miles).
  • a density of 5.6 and a gravity of 0.84 G's
  • a thin atmosphere with a pressure of about 0.87 earth normal, with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and other gas 3%
  • a minor axial tilt of 11%
  • daytime temperatures are on average between 28C and 43C with the night time temps being slightly lower at 13C to 32C on average
  • lots of swamps (36%), lakes (27%) and rivers (9%) for a total water surface coverage of 82%
  • with a year of 283 days, each day 31 hours long
  • it has a population of over 3 million Klingon colonists
  • most of the planets surface is water with a few large flat sections of land covering 18% of the planets surface


  • unknown at this time, as the only known survey was conducted by the Klingons


This colony is a fairly new one haveing been founded at the end of the Dominion Wars with most of the families that were located here being from insignificant or non existant houses.

Other than the original supples provided for them by the Empire and any other supplies they have been able to procure on their own either before arrival of after their arrival, they have had to become self sufficent or die.


The weather is fairly mild with few harsh storms or extreme's in temeratures. Rain is plentiful, being an almost daily occurance.


No real indiginous animal life, however the waters are vibrant with an over abundance of different types of edible and sometimes dangerous life forms. The most dangerous of which is a massive two headed snake with razor sharp teeth in a head the size of a soccar ball, which can grow to 30 feet in length and has been known to kill full grown men and eat them.


They have very little contact with the Empire. At this time the only ships that arrive come to drop off the occassional new set of settlers. For the most part they trade among themselves and when they need supplies from off world they will work together to put together a cargo that one of their 2 old P'Tog class cargo shuttles can take to a more settled world for trade.