48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group

The 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group was a Hazard Team based on Deep Space 26, in the Par'tha Expanse during the 2380's. Lieutenant Bozar was the Task Group Leader. The 48th was composed of three Teams (Alpha Team, Beta Team, and a specialist grouping). This was their roster:

Hazard Team NPCs

Rapid Response Team
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Species & Gender
  Lieutenant Bozar Task Group Leader Bolian Male
  Lieutenant (jg) Jeff Dreyer Alpha Team Leader Human Male
  Ensign Delia Imari Alpha Team Medical Betazoid Female
  Petty Officer (PO1) Tycho Brody Alpha Team Security Human Male
  Petty Officer (PO3) Robert Pope Alpha Team Security Human Male
  Lieutenant (jg) Nicole Cassidy Beta Team Leader Human Female
  Ensign Jhill Taral Beta Team Medical Bajoran Female
  Petty Officer (PO1) Quinn Xiang Beta Team Security Human Male
  Petty Officer (PO2) Isa Nolo Beta Team Security Human Female
  Ensign Riley McCaffery Covert Ops Specialist Human Male
  Petty Officer (PO2) Thalen Lorell Engineering Specialist Centauran Male
  Petty Officer (PO2) Sovek Science Specialist Vulcan Female
  Petty Officer (PO3) Trisha Wadi Demolitions Specialist Human Male

The RRT was disbanded in 2390, and the team members were reabsorbed back into the regular fleet. Bozar was the exception. He retired from Starfleet and remained on DS26 as the civilian owner/operator of the Nova Room.