McCaffery, Riley

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Riley McCaffery
Character Type General NPC
Biographical Information
Homeworld Classified
Born 2357
Died n.a.
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.88m
Hair Colour dirty blonde
Eye Colour blue
Political Information
Affiliation Federation citizen
Job Description Starfleet Intelligence Officer, Covert Ops Specialist
Rank Ensign
Group 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group, USS Atlantis

  • Service Number: S857-804 SI

Duty History

Starfleet Intelligence found Riley when he was still a child. Little to nothing is known about his past or parents before his discovery, but Intel determined that Riley was an orphan. Riley was only about six years old. Riley was 'adopted' by Intel and raised by them to be an operative. His schooling was fairly standard, but Intel accelerated his physical regime. Later, Intelligence training was added to his curriculum. When he was old enough, Intel enrolled him in Starfleet Academy. He picked up things very quickly, and was moved officially into the Intelligence Training Program.

Everything he has done after graduation has been classified, but it is known that somewhere in his career he has crossed paths with both Admiral Krieger and Mr. Bozar. When the 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group was being formed, Riley was a unanimous decision to fill their covert ops position.

Personality & Appearance:

Riley is of average height with a slightly muscular build. He has short, light brown hair and blue eyes, and a dimple when he smiles. Outwardly he seems carefree and easygoing. He is very professional, deliberate and dedicated, and loyal to those he serves with.


Riley has had extensive training in both a physical sense and an Intelligence sense. He excels at small unit tactics, martial arts, and marksmanship, as well as counterintelligence, surveillance and acting. However, he does not flaunt any of these abilities. If he has any hobbies or interests, he hasn't shown them.