Pope, Robert

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Robert Pope
Character Type General NPC
Biographical Information
Homeworld Fardenas IV
Born 2361
Died n.a.
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.75m
Weight 67kg
Hair Colour strawberry blonde
Eye Colour blue
Political Information
Affiliation Federation citizen
Job Description Starfleet Security Enlisted Personnel, Hazard Team Member
Rank Petty Officer, 3rd Class (PO3)
Group 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group, USS Atlantis

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • USS Arizona/2 years/Dyson Sphere Analysis
    • USS Arizona/1 year/Dominion War
    • Current Assignment: USS Atlantis/current/Exploration

For much of his life Robert Lloyd Pope has been a victim of his own indecision. Born on the simple farming colony of Fardenas IV, he dreamed of a career in space. Unsure of his own abilities he decided to enter Starfleet as a crewman. However, when a friend told him of the Merchant Marines he changed his plans. After his first year of training, and with growing confidence in his own abilities, Pope decided to take the entrance exam for Starfleet. He succeeded. Again unsure of how to handle these new possibilities he elected to become an enlisted security specialist, rather than complete the full Academy Officer training course. Although currently happy with his position, Pope's potential to be an officer grows along with his confidence. He now believes that when his tour is finished, he may return to the Academy to attend the Officer Training Program. To that effect he spends mush of his time cramming for what he knows will be the challenging entrance exams.

Pope's favourite pastime is botany, which he has only taken up recently. He has found that taking care of plants helps him to focus on his shipboard duties. His current project is a small bonsai arrangement, which he has found both portable and relaxing.

He previously served with Delia Imari on the USS Arizona.

Personality & Appearance:

Robert Pope is a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed young man, with lofty goals and a self-esteem problem. He is one of those rare people who do things well without realizing it. He continues to have trouble with self-confidence, and occasionally overcompensates by making overblown statements. Despite this, his self-conscious nature and goofy charm have endeared him to many of the crew. Pope dislikes being alone, and will often do his studying or other activities in Recreation lounges and other public places so as to be surrounded by other people.


Pope's favourite pastimes include Parrises Squares, and horseback riding. Being brought up on a colony dedicated to agronomy, he also has an interest in all things vegetable. He considers himself a charming individual, by way of his humor, and is also an able pilot.