Xiang, Quinn

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Quinn Xiang
Character Type General NPC
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Born 2351
Died n.a.
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.86m
Weight 100kg
Hair Colour black
Eye Colour brown
Political Information
Affiliation Federation citizen
Job Description Starfleet Security Enlisted Personnel, Hazard Team Member
Rank Petty Officer, 1st Class (PO1)
Group 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group, USS Atlantis

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • Multiple starships/9 years/various tour types
    • USS Hammersmith/1 year/Dominion War
    • Current Assignment: USS Atlantis/current/Exploration

Xiang is perhaps one of the most contradictory personalities in Starfleet. Raised in a Zen Buddhist monastery until the age of eighteen, he was a complete pacifist until attending security school. Although he keeps the reason for his departure from the monastery to himself, he will tell anyone that asks about his apparently odd choice of departments. His belief is simply that those who are most reluctant to use violence, those that understand its consequences, and are capable of overcoming the negative emotions it engenders, are the most capable of protecting their fellow crewman. His philosophy is apparently not without practical basis. He has proven time and again that the ability to distance oneself from the turbulence of conflict is a vital tool in its safe resolution.

Xiang projects about himself a circle of absolute calm, and it is commonly rumored that making the man angry is a practical impossibility. Xiang is open-minded and an excellent listener and observer. His non-judgmental attitude means that he is often sought out for advice, a position that makes him distinctly uncomfortable. Despite his break from his monastery he remains a devout Buddhist, and his quarters are decorated in a manner that reflects this. Spartan yet elegant objects adorn his rooms.

Xiang's hobby is one of his few personal indulgences. Since leaving the simple life of the monastery he has discovered the wonders of galactic cuisine. He collects recipes from many cultures and his quarters have been modified to provide a vast array of kitchen facilities (he believes creating the food is the greatest part of the pleasure of eating it). Being invited to Xiang's for dinner is a much-coveted treat among the crew.

Personality & Appearance

Quinn Xiang is a fairly big man, standing 186 cm tall and weighing about 100 kg, but it is all muscle. His morning regimen includes vigorous workouts. He is usually quiet except when his input is required. He is not one to openly share personal feelings, and gets on well with most Vulcans, though his outlook is less logical and more philosophical. He tries not to quote Buddhist teachings to the crew, but will if asked or put in the appropriate situation. His fighting style looks slow, but is faster than it appears.


Xiang enjoys most forms of physical activities, from simple workouts, to games, to athletic sporting events. His quick-draw skills are impressive, considering his accuracy, and he's had extensive training in anti-interrogation and anti-torture techniques. His flare for cooking is obvious.