Lorell, Thalen

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Thalen Lorell
Character Type General NPC
Biographical Information
Homeworld Alpha Centauri
Born 2358
Died n.a.
Physical Description
Species Centauran
Gender Male
Height 1.8m
Weight 70kg
Build slender
Hair Colour dirty blonde
Eye Colour blue
Political Information
Affiliation Federation citizen
Job Description Starfleet Engineering Enlisted Personnel, Hazard Team Member
Rank Petty Officer, 2nd Class (PO2)
Group 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group, USS Atlantis

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • Earth Station McKinley/1 year/Advanced Starship Design Bureau
    • Utopia Planitia/2 years/Advanced Starship Design Bureau
    • USS Trieste/2 years/Deep Space Exploration
    • USS Millbank/1 year/Dominion War
    • Current Assignment: USS Atlantis/current/Exploration

Thalen comes from a fairly prestigious family. His grandfather started Lorell Shipping, which is now a multimillion-credit corporation based in the Alpha Centauri system. When Thalen was old enough his grandfather put him to work in the company as an intrasystem shuttle pilot, running small cargos from one planet in the system to another. This was where Thalen discovered his mechanical aptitude, when he had to jury-rig the shuttles' engines in deep space after they failed on him. Soon his grandfather had him fixing shuttles instead of flying them. Eventually Thalen applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted in the Enlisted Program. He chose engineering as his field of expertise and excelled in his studies. He was chosen for the Advanced Research Engineering program at the Academy, and pulled his first tour at Earth Station McKinley, where he was helping to refit starships. It was during this time that he met his wife and was married. They soon started a family. His second tour of duty was spent at Utopia Planitia, before being reassigned to the USS Trieste.

Personality & Appearance:

Thalen is friendly and well liked by most people who meet him. When asked about his family, though, he seems a bit uncomfortable and his answers are short. He never speaks about his daughter Clarissa, who now lives with his parents, or her mother Ashton who died during childbirth. In fact, most people don't know he was ever married. His dirty blond hair is kept short, and his blue eyes sparkle with his smile. He is about 180 cm tall and 70 kg.


Thalen enjoys playing the piano, and playing baseball, which he had never experienced until a History course at the Academy. He's thoroughly experienced in all types of engineering, including theoretical. He loves his daughter very much but for some reason is ashamed to speak about what happened with her and her mother. Thalen is also afraid of Talarian Hook spiders, having an encounter in an enclosed space while assigned to the Trieste.