Xrie Xan'tor'zes

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USS Constitution-B
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Xrie Xan'tor'zes
Position Biologist
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Pahkwa-thanh
Gender Female
DOB 236412.02
Age 36
Birthplace Duhpwa-thuv

Lieutenant JG Xrie Xan'tor'zes is assigned as the biology lab supervisor aboard the USS Constitution-B.

Personal Characteristics

  • Height: 2.01m
  • Scales: Poly-chromatic, mainly green hues with bands of ruddy orange
  • Eyes: yellow
  • Speach: Xrie's reptilian tongue often causes her to slip elongated S sounds into her speech. Otherwise she speaks in a low but surprisingly melodic tone.


  • Immediate Family: Xrie's family is a complex unit that makes up more than a simple pairing of mother and father like in some species. She was raised by a collective family unit that comprised several fathers and mothers and resulted in her having 27 siblings at last count.
  • Starfleet Colleagues: Xrie has discovered many people aboard the USS Constitution that share her passion for learning as well as embracing her cultural differences.


Xrie is an intensely dedicated and professional officer who appreciates those same traits in those she works with. She finds it difficult to get along with people who are unstructured or who act uncivilized as she strongly believes in a rigid rules-based society. She is also bound by the cultural values and norms that she grew up with on her homeworld, some of which are offputting to other Federation members, especially vegetarians. Still, she keeps those sides of herself apart from her professional disposition, but those that see her take part in a simulated hunt on the holodeck experience a very different, and terrifying side of her.


Xrie Xan'tor'zes was a middle sibling, but in a family with 27 other siblings of various ages, this was not a strange thing. As a female in her society, Xrie was looked upon as a future matriarch of a family of her own. She rejected this after beginning her studies. She decided that the pursuit of advanced education and research were equally worthy pursuits. She joined Starfleet as it offered the best opportunity to travel and apply her studies around the galaxy.

After her initial tour as a junior science officer, Xrie was promoted to her current rank and put in charge of the biology lab facilities aboard the Constitution. She has thrived in the supervisory role and relishes working with the new ensigns and attempting to mould them into respectable officers and scientists.