Heath West/Missing In Action

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This is an overview of an event which took place during the writer's Leave of Absence. This was not posted to the group, however it has been eluded to in the game and the repercussions have been dealt with.

During a flight on his private yacht, the Fearless, Heath West encountered some anomalies in his shielding capabilities. It was this anomaly that spiked energy from one end of the Fearless to the other, causing him to either crash land onto the nearest planet or drop his shields in a vague attempt to conduct some repair work. However, he neglected to scan the surrounding area and was attacked quite brutally by a boarding party from an attacking vessel, who left the Fearless to drift in space until found by Starfleet Command a few months later.

It was during his capture that Heath was due to be sold into slavery, but the slaver ship was assimilated by the Borg. Majority of the crew were thus assimilated but Heath managed to escape, along with a member of the slaver team and a Romulan advocate, by releasing a shuttle pod from the shuttle bay docking area. They drifted for months in space until their signal was picked up by a passing Romulan vessel and tractor'd on board. The Romulan Traders dropped the Kerelian Starfleet Officer onto Shinraka as they passed Deep Space 24 as a favour to the newly elected Senator Rhian D'Heyahh.

However, his adventure didn't go unpunished. Heath has ended up with a Borg modulation in his arm after being injected with nanites. This implant keeps the nanites dormant and requires regenerating once a month to maintain the stability.