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((Holodeck One-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

Alexander carries the camping equipment into the holodeck for he and Jade’s honeymoon. Jade had spent the time before trying to decide what clothes to take. Camping on a beach meant wearing very little. She had no objections. To start with she was wearing a fitted top, jeans and boots. Alexander packed some clothing, but this was just a very relaxing week of camping and just plain fun. He wore his tee shirt, jeans, and boots. He smiled as Jade was so excited, and as he thought about it, he was excited himself. He just finished loading the equipment, when Jade walked over to the doors. One of the crew painted on the door of the holodeck the words Just Married.::

Jade: This is goin to be so great.

Alex: ::Smiling.:: You are going to love the simulation. The beach is white sand, the water is a cool blue, but warm like the waters around the island of Guam on Earth.

Jade: Have we remembered everything?

Alex: ::Looking around at the equipment.:: I think so. Rockwell will beam in some fresh foods for us. Ready?

Jade: Yay! Let’s go!

Alex: After you. ::Taking her hand into his as he let her enter the holodeck first, and followed her inside.::

Alexander stood by the console, he brought the his program for the island of Guam on the beach near the old naval base. Alexander then set the time of day to be late afternoon.He worked the console and they watched the scene and landscape unfold before them and Jade was able to see the beauty of the beach. It looked so beautiful. Jade’s eye sparkled. Alexander smiled at her as he tapped the control the simulation was finally completed.::

Jade: This is perfect!

Alex: This will kinda be like our first date, but we will have more time to spend together. ::He looked at her as the warm breeze blew through her beautiful hair.:: I love you very much Jade.

Jade: I love you.

They walked towards the beach from the jungle out into the open, then he looked inland to see the mountain to the south just as he remembered it.::

Alex: This is it. ::To show her the beautiful white sand and the sparkling blue water he remembered see on his last trip. The beauty of it was nothing that could compare to the beauty of his wife.::

Jade: Race ya to the sea!

Alex: ::He watched her run and followed her. He ran faster and caught up with her at the edge of the water.:: You win this time. ::Laughing.::

Jade: I won the moment I got you! :: Jade hugged him.::

Alex: I’m going to set up the campsite darlin. There is something I want to tell you. ::Looking into her eyes with the compassion in his heart.::

Jade: What is it hon?

Alex: I never thought that I would find a true love, like what we have together. It is only found once. It’s some to be cherished and enjoyed. Talk a walk along the beach with me? I can set up the camp later. ::Smiling.::

Jade: Sure.

Alexander placed his arm around her waist as they walked along the shoreline. The sun in the sky shined upon them the white sand and the water beside them. He wished that he could have introduced Jade to the Corvians, Rashnan and Jasron. He hoped that one day soon that he could take her to visit the city under the sea, but right now that situation is still under the diplomatic officers control. After about an half an hour of walking, they walked back to the campsite where Alexander started to unpack the equipment to set up the tent and power generator. After that was done, walked to the edge of the jungle to gather some of the dead tree leaves and broken tree branches for a fire. He walked to the center of the camp and placed the wood and leaves in the sand. Then he walked back to the jungle to find stones to make a fire pit, he walked back to the camp again and found Jade unpacking the and setting up the bed rolls inside the tent. He placed rocks in a circle, then the firewood and leaves into the pit. He again thought about their first date and the way she walked towards him, he then walked over to help her.::

Jade: This is so romantic.

Alex: ::Kneeling next to her as she flattened out the bedrolls into one, then zipped them together.:: I’m glad that you are going to enjoy it. It’s going to be a very relaxing honeymoon. ::Looking into her creamy jade green eyes.:: The last time I slept under the stars, I was on a training mission, and I really did sleep. This time might be a little different.

Jade: Sleeping under the stars, but maybe not sleeping all night.

Alex: ::Looking at her with a shocked expression.:: Why Mrs. Matthews the thought had never crossed my mind. ::Smiling.:: Although, it had crossed my mind, maybe just a little. ::Laughing.:: In fact not sleeping much at all. ::Jade laughed.::

Jade: That’s what I was thinkin.

Alex: ::Sitting down next to her and taking her hands into his.:: Jade, I’m the last of the line in my family. I never even thought about a family until now. I have wondered what kind of father I would be. I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this so soon.

Jade: You will be a great father!

Alex: ::Looking at her when she said those words to him.:: You really think so ? I hope that I can live up to what my father had done for me.

Jade: I don’t doubt it Alex.

Alex: ::He touched her face gently and looked into her green eyes brought her closer to him and held her close. He kissed her with the passion that he saved for this day and the very special woman that was brought into his life the chance of fate.:: I love you Jade with all of this heart that belongs to you. ::Jade didn’t reply – she didn’t need to, her love was evident. She pulled Alex in closer and they held each other. Alexander smiled and then stood up and took her by the hand, they walked towards the setting sun as the tide rolled in and their adventure together as husband and wife started. After the walk and dinner, their second night of being together on the ship had started. As the night became cool and the full moon rose in the sky, the passion between them became unleashed as Alexander turned off the lights in the tent.::