Warren Page

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USS Juneau
Warren Page
Position Armorer
Rank Staff Sergeant
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236811.01
Age 32
Birthplace Edinburgh, New Scotland
Writer ID E239410DH0

Staff Sergeant Warren Page is currently assigned to the 152nd Rapid Response Detachment aboard the USS Juneau.


  • Full Name: Warren Alistair David Page
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 236811.01
  • Place of Birth: Edinburgh, New Scotland
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 230lbs
  • Hair Color: brown
  • Length of Hair: short
  • Eye Color: grey
  • Skin Tone: pale
  • Tattoos: Three names listed across his spine, a Cheshire cat over his heart, a Starfleet Marine Corps emblem on his right forearm.
  • Build: Well muscled
  • Face: Kind, generally relaxed
  • Carriage: Unless on parade or at attention Warren generally carries himself with a relaxed posture.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): casual, and relaxed.
  • Voice: Baritone, speaks slowly
  • Handedness: Right


  • Quarters: Clean and well maintained
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading
  • Temperament: Warren is soft spoken and excessively polite when ever possible. Even when dealing with conflict he considers it of utmost importance to be polite and respectful to everyone.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Suffers from periodic nightmares concerning his sister.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Parents
    • Father: David Page
    • Mother: Mariel Page
  • Siblings: Lauren (Sister, two years younger, currently missing)

Personal History

Born at the end of 2368 to David and Mariel Page, Warren had a good, if quiet life growing up on the outskirts of Edinburgh on New Scotland. His parents, both mechanics by trade and training ran a small repair shop, generally fixing ground transports and other vehicles used to get around the fairly rural colony. His sister Lauren was born about two years later and the two grew up thick as thieves. Lauren tending to be more adventurous and outspoken of the pair, Warren developed into a quiet child. While not necessarily shy, he tended to speak when there was something worth saying, letting his sister handle most of the talking for them. As his childhood progressed it became clear that Warren inherited his father's family's stature and build. By thirteen he was past six foot, and spent the rest of his secondary schooling filling out finally ending at 6'4" and about 200 pounds.

School was an odd time for Warren. Split from his sister, and continued to remain soft spoken, mostly out of a humility driven into him by his parents. He was not an amazing student, but he enjoyed trying, garnering the most success in history and literature. His size combined with his nature of deferring attention tended to attract those seeking to gain some form of notoriety of beating the biggest kid on the playground. Warren avoided these fights and bullies as much as he could, but couldn't avoid all of them and quickly learned to defend himself. Teachers and students alike quickly discovered that Warren's soft spoken nature evaporated quickly when it was others that became the focus of bullies, a trait instilled in him by his mother a fierce advocate for those she saw as less fortunate. Warren's father, long a pacifist, had always advised Warren to avoid the bullies, to not sink to their level. His mother while agreeing with David when it came to Warren personally, had always privately modified her husband's lessons with the addition that Warren had an obligation, especially with his size, to protect those in need. Warren became well known for taking a lot of what bullies could throw at him without much response, but when others became the victim, Warren was quick to respond. His father would always admonish him for getting involved in physical conflicts, while later his mother would tell him she was proud of him. In his later teens Warren took no small amount of pride in the fact that he never threw the first punch in a conflict, but finished them once a punch was thrown. He didn't win every fight, but he won more than he lost by a large margin, and did so in a manner he and his mother could be proud of.

When it came time to decide what he wanted to do after school, the Starfleet Marines we the logical choice. His father didn't take the decision well, and to this day their relationship is strained. His mother, also conflicted, was more supportive, and his sister as always supported him in his every effort.

Three years ago, his sister went missing while on vacationing on Risa and no evidence has been found for her whereabouts. Warren requested, and was granted, a three month leave to be with his parents and help organize search efforts on Risa. He returned to active duty when his leave was up. He has a tattoo of the eyes and smile of the Cheshire Cat, a favorite character of Lauren's and one that reminds Warren of her mischievous nature, over his heart. He still holds out hope that some day he'll find some answers to what happened, but knows that the chance of that is very slim.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Basic Training: 2386
  • Current Rank: Staff Sergeant
  • Current Assignment: USS Juneau

Enlisting in the Marines at 18, he was assigned to his first duty post six months later after basic training. He served an eighteen month tour aboard the USS Athlone, following which he returned to Mars to attend advanced training. Following that he served two years in a rapid response unit near the Cardassian border. During that time he was involved in what become known as the High Tide incident. Terrorists captured the merchant ship the SS High Tide while it was passing through the Tel'kar asteroid belt. The Hostages were taken to what was thought was a defunct asteroid mine. Page's unit was sent in to enter the mine and rescue the hostages. The hostage taking was a trap, there were more terrorists than reported and the real targets were Page and his team. Page and most of the unit managed to extract the hostages under heavy fire. He lost three members of his fire team during the extraction, but no hostages were lost. Commendations were handed out when the situation was concluded, but Warren refuses to wear them. He had the names of his fallen squad mates tattooed on his spine, a symbol of how they always had his back. He requested a transfer from the unit following the High Tide incident, and was moved to the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force. When he made Sergeant he was transferred to Starbase 118 as a squad leader in Bravo company. Following his time at SB118 he transferred to the USS Juneau.