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::The lounge was packed to the walls, seems everyone likes a free meal, booze and to see a Ship sent on her maiden voyage.Val had been waiting for hours, she kept looking out to space hopeing to see that damed ship come rolling in with Ross and the others on it. She needed one of two things-a drink or Ewen by her side, the later was not going to happen---so-a drink it was.A waiter looked in her direction and she motioned him over.::

McGREGOR: Da ya have any of the real stuff handy?

Waiter: He grinned and turned the tray around.::I have been told you might like some of this Captain.:: He pointed to the far corner.

:: Val looked above the heads of the crowd-Hunter was waving a glass at her.She raised hers and smiled, well one of her officers was here. Now where were the others. I was now-0855. She walked over to Admiral Carlyn and stood next him.::

CARLYN: Ready Captain McGregor


::She scanned the room looking for the remaining crew. Suddenly like a herd of Rhino-they came thro the door. Templar, Brown, Denari, Tharen,Trix, Tran and last but not least a rather annoyed looking Caravela. Where was Keldor?She spun aroun to face the Admiral he was talking to her.::

CARLYN ::in an aggitated voice:: Captain I don't know how to say this but someone has stolen the Champaigne and relpaced it with----with Scotch !!!

McGREGOR: Och I dunnae mind that Admiral, it's just going to be smashed what ever is in it.

::She kept her face as calm as she could. The lights outside of the bay window came on full. Wallace was lit up like a Christmas tree!. Her ears pricked at the distant sound, the hair on the back of her neck almost stood up straight. Slowly the eiry sound came closer, Val bit her lip as round the corner came the closest she could get to a full fledged pipe band. Four of the crew from various ships had volunteered to Pipe Wallace to her voyage.The fact that they were all Scots was just a coincidence, but then who else would even play the pipes?She watched as they came closer, kilts swirling, the sound getting louder. Val had a grin on her face that no amount of annoyed Admirals could wipe off. They had been playing a combination of old Scots tune, and the crowd was seen beginning to tap their feet. Admiral Carlyn was not impressed, but MacHendry was!! As they formed a line in front of the window, Val stepped forward and nodded. They stopped and she slowly walked to the table and picked up the bottle of Scotch.::

McGREGOR: This should be broken across her bow, but as I cannae hold my breath that long:: She swung the bottle against the window beam.: Ladies and Gentlemen--USS Wallace.!

::The pipers started up and let rip "Scotland the brave":;

McGREGOR: shouting above the pipes:; As William Wallace is reported to have said---"Today I give you FREEDOMMMMMMM.::She let out a battle yell as Carlyn turned red in the face and glared at her:: Admiral, it's ma ship and my launch.:: She leaned closer to him:: and ma bottle of Uska Bar !!!!!