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Four Letter Code VORG
Federation Status Unknown
Planet of Origin Undiscovered
Encountered TNG: Captain's Holiday
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level O -Advanced time-travelling technology.
List of Named Vorgons

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Class 1 Priority Alert

Starfleet Intelligence has designated this species a

Class 1 Priority

"Trust us. We are from your future and we are here to help you."
a Vorgon claim.
The Vorgon are a species of which only a pair of time travelers have so far ever been encountered. However if they are any indication the species as a whole may be dangerous.

Home System

  • Quadrant: ???
  • Location:  ??? Sector (coordinates – to be determined)
  • Proper Name: Lhazar system
  • Star: It orbits a class ? (?) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately ? million km
  • Companions: There are ? planets in this system.
  • Moons: Unknown

Home World

  • Proper Name: Vorgo III
  • Diameter: ??? km (??? miles)
  • Gravity: ??? standard gravity with a density of ???
  • Axial Tilt: ???
  • Orbital Period: ??? days
  • Rotational Period: ??? hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: ???
  • Atmosphere: ??? is a standard pressure with ??? nitrogen, ??? oxygen, ??? trace chemicals
  • Climate: ???
  • Terrain: ???
  • Population: ???


In the 27th century, two Vorgon criminals, Ajur and Boratus, attempted to steal a device known as the Tox Uthat, a quantum phase inhibitor capable of halting all nuclear fusion within a star.

In order to prevent the Uthat from falling into the wrong hands, Kal Dano, the Uthat's inventor, traveled back in time to the 22nd century and hid it on Risa. Having failed to obtain the Uthat, Ajur and Boratus searched historical records and discovered that Jean-Luc Picard would discover and destroy it in 2366.

Traveling back to that point in time, they told Picard that they were security agents and that they wished to retrieve the Uthat for safekeeping. When Picard learned, however, that it was two Vorgons who attempted to steal the Uthat in the first place, he destroyed it using Transporter Code 14 thus fulfilling his role in history. Failing in their quest to obtain the Uthat, Ajur and Boratus returned to their own time.

So far the only contact with them is through Vorgon agents capable of time travel. They always travel in pairs, are infinitely persistent and their operations usually centre around objects or persons from the future hidden in the past.


At this time nothing is known about their home world or its government.


The Vorgons have reddish brown, leathery skin with a large cranial ridge reaching from the anterior base of the neck to the edge of the nose. All Vorgons encountered have some sort of cybernetic brain implant on both sides of their head.


Scans of them have shown that they have a typical physiology for a intelligent humanoid, however they also all seem to have some kind of cranial cybernetic implants. In some cases more than one. Their clothing blocks most tricorders ability to perform proper in depth scans.


So far the only thing we know about them in regards to their psychology is that they always travel in pairs and are infinitely persistent.


Nothing is known at this time in regards to their religious beliefs.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.


They have and employ technology far in advance of that used by the Federation. One good example is the documented files that show that two Vorgons employed a time/space transporter whose control unit was a square-inch device set flush into the left side of the skull.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

Federation Intelligence Files

The Vorgon are a species that in the future seem to be a part of the Federation. At this time no contact has been made with them except for time travelers. Based on this Federation scholars believe that their home world is currently somewhere out side the current explored regions of space as we know them.


Both Memory Alpha and Memory Beta were used as referances as well as the TV episode TNG: Captain's Holiday. Also used was the DTI novel: Watching the Clock.


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