Voreic Industries

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Voriec Industries is a "company" of which reportedly deals to both the Orion Syndicate and the Scarlett Brotherhood. Initially under the name "Volkoff", the company's board claimed to hope to step away from the "dark and tragic links of treason and criminal acts the Starfleet militia continue to link to us through baseless accusation".

Owned and run by Orion Vivian Voreic, the company has been known to fund and supply weapons and technology for terrorist attacks - however, frequent public statements by Voreic Industries claim that the company and CEO themselves do not condone these actions - according to their press releases, they are simply one of the many leaders of the gambling industry.

In 2393, Starfleet Intelligence released a report about cloaking technology recently stolen from Federation space, linking the robbery to Voreic Industries with the further possibility that the company may actually be reproducing the technology for further use by the Orion Syndicate.