Vhanda Sh'Andate

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USS Apollo-A
Vhanda Sh'Andate.jpg
Vhanda Sh'Andate
Position Engineering Technician
Rank Crewman Second Class
Species Andorian
Gender Female
DOB 236112.07
Age 39
Birthplace Andor

Vhanda Sh'Andate is currently serving aboard the USS Darwin-A as a Engineering Technician.
This Character is a PNCP of Jellico.


  • Height: 5.8 feet / 1.77 meters.
  • Weight: 155lbs / 70 KG
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Strong Lean
  • Handedness: Left Handed


Vhanda grow up in a loving family and has a female twin (non-identical). As a child Vhanda had been fascinated with sea life, her mother and father would read her stories of sea monsters on other planets. Vhanda kept this fascination from childhood to adolescence and adulthood, her focus switching from mythical sea monsters to real life creatures. Growing up, everything that Vhanda did seemed to revolve around the ocean, including swimming, surfing, and fishing. However as Andor is an ice planet most of those childhood activities were done on School and public holodecks. Throughout her education she fascinated by all kinds of marine life and when her family took a vacation to rise at the age of fourteen Vhanda spent the entire trip SCUBA diving.

After gaining good grades in school Vhanda applied and was accepted into the Li Nalas Memorial College on Bajor to study Marine Biology. While at College got into a relationship fell in a fellow student, she got Married at the age of 21. Her parents were upset with the decision, believing Vhanda was too young, and there was a brief rift between them. While married and leaving on Bajor she became interested in the Prophets and Celestial Temple, going so far as to study the teachings of Vedeks in her spare time.

At the age of 24 and half way through her master’s degree in Marine Ecology, Vhanda discovered that her husband and best friend had been having an affair for a year, feeling that her world had been shattered by the betrayal she filed for divorce and Bajor before it was finalized, she also left her Master’s Degree unfinished. After leaving Bajor Vhanda was unsure of what to do, she considered returning home to her parents but felt embarrassed and ashamed and instead traveled for a year on freighter visiting other systems and planets. After a year of traveling and living out of hand luggage she settled down on Deep Space 7 were should found bar work. It was during this time that she found that she had a talent for basic for taking things apart and repairing while working on the bar’s faulty replicators, she was later able to perform minor repairs on the Holodecks. During her time on the space station Vhanda had a three month relationship with a fellow Alvanian bar maid.

During her stay on the Deep Space 7 Vhanda became increasingly aware that she regretted abandoning her study’s and leaving her future in Marine Biology. Due to the large Starfleet presence on the station Vhanda visited a recruitment officer and inquired about the possibility of continuing her studies and finding a vacancy within the fleet, she was informed that the chances of finding such a specialised vacancy was unlikely and would require her to finish her studies and complete the Officer program at the Academy in order to qualify for such a theoretical position. Not wanting to spend the next five plus years studying, but still wanted to do something more challenging and rewarding that bar work, she inquired about more immediate possibilities. One week before her twenty seventh birthday Vhanda traveled to earth and entered into the Starfleet Enlisted training program for scientific support staff. After two months training she spoke to a representative of the academic staff about switching her training focus to enlisted engineering program finding that science program didn’t ignite the passion that she previously had for studying marine biology. At the age of 28 completed her training and left the Academy as a Crewman 3rd class, six months later she was promoted to Crewman 2nd Class.

Career Overview


Enjoys change but is concerned that many of her life decisions have been due to the fact that she has been ‘running’ since she was hurt by the breakdown of her married. This is not something that she would easily admit, and when asked about her traveling and bar work by relative strangers she passed off the decision with a flippant response stating that she was bored and seeking new adventures. Likes to be challenged in her work and does not enjoy being bored.

Can be impulsive, without thought for long term consequences.

Somewhat socially ill at ease and will overcompensate by being brash and trying to make others feel awkward.

Has a problem with allowing internal anger and frustrations build up and releasing them at inappropriate times, sometimes snapping at colleagues and friends.

Highly sensitive to criticism from superiors and has been described as ‘ being moody for weeks’ such events.


Prone to chewing on things when worried and absentmindedly taking things apart when bored.

Enjoys physical exercises, while going through enlisted training at the academy she took Human Wrestling and Klingon Mok'bara classes. She was average an both but enjoyed the physicality of the wrestling more than the meditative style of Mok’bara.

Does not like her antenna being touched and was reprimanded for striking a fellow crewmember for grabbing one while drunk on shore leave.

Once tried to take up flower arranging while on Bajor and found that she was awful at it.

While on Deep Space Seven she got her upper back tattooed elaborate mosaic of flowers, she has stated that this was a drunken mistake but has made no attempt to have the tattoo removed.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment Additional Comments
Crewman Second Class USS Darwin-A