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Argelian Ministry of Security
Position Security Minister
Rank Civilian
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 229304.22
Age 108
Birthplace Vulcana Regar, Vulcan

Varaal was a veteran of the V'Shar (Vulcan Ministry of Security), who went on to serve as the Minister of Security on Argelius II.


Varaal was a Vulcan male approximately 100 Earth years of age. His career mainly focused on security and intelligence. Varaal was a veteran of the V’Shar, or the Vulcan Ministry of Security, where he had severed in various capacities. Around SD 238903, his superiors at the V’Shar recommended him to head the security ministry on Argelius II, where the planetary government had frequently turned to off-worlders to run their government. However, as Terrans and many other species found Areglius often too distracting, it was decided that Vulcans would be the most logical choice for critical positions. In his first three years, Varaal rectified many outstanding issues and helped reduced crime and other security problems on the planet. However, after SD 239105, Varaal would begin the investigation of several mysterious disappearances of key Argelian citizens off-world.

Varaal stood at nearly 2m. Unlike many Vulcans, he had a shaved head. Despite being middle-aged for a Vulcan, Varaal remained strong and swift. He was well versed in multiple forms of martial arts and self-defense.

Mission to Duronis System

Shortly prior to SD 239306, Varaal learned that a missing Argelian of some importance, later identified as Shi’lar, was rescued from Orion slavery by the USS Thunder and later cared for by the staf by medical staff at the Embassy of Duronis II. Shortly thereafter, Varaal was transported from Areglius II to the USS Ashoka under the command of Captain Marina Zhao to quietly repatriate Shi’lar. The mission was not without significant risks, which Varaal explained to the captain.

Before reaching the Duronis system, the Ashoka was ambushed by five Orion vessels. Prior to the first attack by two of the Orions ships, Varaal successfully sent a message on an frequently used frequency. During the assault, Varaal provided assitance on the bridge. He also helped repel Orion boarding parties.