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Romulan V'teridix class warbird

The V'teridix class warbird was a starship class used by the Romulan Star Empire in the second half of the 23rd century. An evolution of the original Klingon D7 battlecruisers that the Romulans obtained from the Klingons during their brief alliance, the V'teridix class offered increased cargo capacity and firepower at the cost of maneuverability. Lessons learned from the V'teridix class's operational history were ultimately applied for the development of the larger and more advanced warbirds of the 24th century.

Romulan Treasure Fleets

During the 23rd century, the Romulan Star Empire employed fleets of V'teridix class warbirds and smaller birds-prey as "treasure fleets" that supplied Romulus and other imperial worlds with goods from across the empire and beyond.

Perhaps due to the abundance of shipwrecks scattered across the Shoals, legends of lost Romulan treasure fleets in the area have been pursued by treasure hunters for over a century. To date, no evidence of these lost treasure fleets or their shipwrecks have been discovered, and Starfleet and the Federation Archaeology Council have maintained that there has never been a historical Romulan presence in the region.