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Kris has been writing fiction for fun since the age of 4. In high school, Kris had an op-ed column in a local publication, and has been featured in a university anthology collection. They have a degree in History, but now work in IT as a QA Engineer.

The first Star Trek episode Kris ever saw was The Trouble With Tribbles (TOS S02E15). That began a life-long love of all things Trek.

Writer's Name: Kris

Writer ID: E239510KD0

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Neelix Award 239606.24
Oddas Aria and Randal Shayne
For extra, out-of-character simming devotion. This includes, but isn't limited to, helping fellow officers who are in need of simming aid, visibility on the forums, OOC list presence, upkeep of wiki pages, etc.

((OOC Award Presentation 239606.24))

Nicholas: The Neelix Award is given to those players who go out of their way to improve the ship and community, either through the use of the forums, the Discord channel or by helping with the upkeep of all the little things that improve our enjoyment of the game. This year, for her work with all the graphic things on the Eagle, and her general presence on the OOC channels - ensuring the Eagle has a strong and positive presence, we present Kayla Drex with the Neelix Award.

Quinn: Absolutely well earned, Kris. You’ve proven your unwavering dedication to the group, and have supported the Eagle in so many ways in these past months. This is most earned, and I want to personally thank you for your willingness to step forward, offer assistance, and make the most of your skills and talents.

Silver Palm 239606.24
Oddas Aria and Randal Shayne
Awarded to a simmer who has consistently boosted the morale of his/her crew. The recipient will be known to be able to add that spark to a plot whenever it may be lagging, or may be able to consistently bring enjoyment or a bit of humour to the sim, whilst keeping such sims relevant and realistic.

((OOC Award Presentation 239606.24))

Nicholas: One simmer has been recognized as having introducing a bit of humor, fun, and humanity to their sims - with quiet praise being given in private and in public. This type of work is right in line with the Silver Palm’s description and reason for being, and so it is only natural to award it to Kayla Drex.

Quinn: The eagle might be our sigil and mascot, but Kris is undoubtedly our most accomplished cheerleader. She has lead by example from the moment she arrived, and has raised spirits left and right, freely giving her strength, compassion and wicked sense of humor to elate us in times of challenge or distress. I know that she has tirelessly done this across the fleet as well. Thank you for your efforts, lieutenant! Very well deserved indeed.

Cochrane Award 239606.24
Oddas Aria
The Cochrane Award is a duty post award and is awarded to those science officers who have contributed greatly to the advance of science in the midst of their Starfleet career, by staying knowledgeable about their field, participating in the community of science, but most importantly, by placing their knowledge at the service of their ship and its mission.

((OOC Duty Post Award Presentation 239606.30))

Presented by Oddas Aria: “Kayla Drex epitomizes the Science Officer role. During missions she easily interweaves the mind of a curious scientist throughout the narrative, offering suggestions and information appropriate for her position.

Both IC and OOC Drex continually impresses, providing details and thoughts to improve writing, and realism in the science aspects of both the Ship and the Fleet. Participating in cross-fleet activities, such as SIMSCON and the SJAS, she gladly imparts her knowledge, time, and talent to the fleet as a whole, and we are lucky to have her.

For all of these reasons I am very pleased to be able to present Kayla Drex with the Cochrane Award.”